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Author Topic: Anyone seen HannahPleasure?  (Read 1548 times)


She popped up on my local search this morning, haven't seen her profile before.

FRs look fake, profile is definitely professional but I have a weakness for Brazilians  :scare:

Has anyone seen her?

Would any seasoned punter on here take a punt?

Offline sticko

I asked the same question a week or so ago.  No response.  I live in hopes though - the photos are hot...


Looks like I'm going to have to TOFTT. It's a hard life  :sarcastic:

Offline sticko

Go on then - it's a tough gig but someone's got to do it.  I'd do the same but my card is marked for the next few weeks already.  Like you say, it's a hard life!


Offline SamLP

I tried contacting her 3 weeks ago when she appeared in my search but no answer to call or text. Would also like to know more info if you go and see her.

Offline NightKid

Her profile is stylistically similar to Delicious Debora who I reviewed here: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=48304.0

So I'm thinking she should be fairly legit, at the very least ... best of luck.

Yes I've seen her and thought she was quite hot personally BUT she does look a little more worn  than her photos suggest and doesn't do OWO (or FK I seem to remember). Works in a flat with other girls and a maid who takes the money and let's you in. Only saw her for 15 mins in London Bridge and was definitely street brothel experience territory over GFE which may be an issue for some I reckon. Bi of a saggy stretch marked ass from memory too.  I liked her and left a happy man but I think plenty of others would rate negative

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