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Author Topic: VIP CALL GIRLS NOTTINGHAM  (Read 1302 times)

Offline kingjet

I was travelling today and was booked to see a girl. I called the receptionist up and she booked me with one of the girls. She sent me the address and I got there in time. Got there and tried to call the receptionist up so that she can either way let me in. The receptionist didnt pick my call up. I was calling but no one picked up. This is such a bad experience, I waited in the cold for an hour thinking someone will pick up soon. 
I gave up and continued my travel. The worst agency ever. I will never want to visit this place again. they call themselves VIP Call girls but bullshit as hell.  :manhater: :dash: :scare: http://www.vipcallgirls.co.uk/
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Offline peiyee

Happened to me last year too. Waited 25 mins in the cold after travelling to their location.  :angry:

Me too last December for a appointment with Grace. Their admin is awful

Offline peiyee

And 'Grace' is one of the owner/operators! :dash:

& she's no longer showing as an escort on the site. Must be 100% admin. now lol !!

Grace never mentioned that when I visited her. Got to say she was top drawer once I had actually got through the door

Offline greychap

They don't have the best of reputations and with good reason it seems.
Banning reason: North East shit stirrer who contributes nothing

Offline greychap

Did they not set up or take over a Birmingham agency too?

Don't they use heavies as well to deal with punters and girls that they fall out with?
Banning reason: North East shit stirrer who contributes nothing

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