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Author Topic: Anybody seen this lady from diamonds- are the looks to good to be true  (Read 790 times)

Another new girl on diamonds,pics look good but is it another case of too good  to be true , was thinking of TOFTT, but away for the next couple of weeks,   I thought that Annette, look the biz but the reviews proved me wrong , so I am expecting the same with this one


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Offline AnthG

Reverse Google of the photo brought up this website with more photos of her. Its kind of funny they claimed she was Russian on there. So you have to give Diamonds credit in being open with the Latvian (Its pretty obvious Russian was just trying to romanticise it on that other agency site)


The photos look heavily photoshopped to me.

Thanks Anth G,  well unless somebody else wasn't to try her, I think this will be one diamond I will be giving a miss . I thought diamonds had stopped doing the old false photo !!!! :thumbsdown:

Offline Barry Shipton

I wouldn't say they were fake photos - they're typical of the over glossy over photoshopped pics used by agencies in big capital cities like Brussels or London where competition is fierce and you have to make the girls stand out when you are charging €200 a pop.
But she won't actually look that good in real life because the hair and make is perfect, lighting is spot on and they've been touched up afterwards.
By contrast the ones the local agencies take often have appalling lighting, bad poses and no re-touching leading to punters saying in reviews that she really is better than her photos.
I think only Amour has claimed to use all their own recent shots of girls - Diamonds uses a real mixed bag. Look at Maya's main shot by a London agency photographer called Alec Fasani, very glossy, perfect skin tone and colour - just a bit too perfect -then look at the shots the agency took which don't flatter her at all.
Again with Annette typical glossy London agency shots but the last three with bad lighting are a bit more honest about what she actually looks like.Think you'll find the sama with this girl if they do their own shots.

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