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Author Topic: Petite Juliette or Sweet Chantelle  (Read 1212 times)

Offline mrx007

Juliette I've seen: https://www.adultwork.com/2699502 but Sweet Chantelle https://www.adultwork.com/1883069 I haven't and they are very closely located apparently.

I reviewed Juliette positively and she was exactly what I wanted at the time and what I need now: a dirty slut who just drops to her knees and takes a mouthful (or facefull) of cum. I left with my nuts totally empty and her "get down to it dirty slut" attitude is what's making me want to see her tonight.

However I am wondering if it's time to give the well-reviewed and well-loved-on-here Sweet Chantelle a go. Sounds like she may be a bit less of an out-and-out slut but if she sucks well and takes a mouthful she's better value money wise.

Anyone seen both? Probably very different experiences but the end result would be the same. Particularly interested if anyone's given either or both girls a facial? Just noticed Chantelle doesn't do facials but anyone sprayed Juliette's face?

Though Monique is making my nuts twitch too.
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15 review(s) found for Girlfriend Julia... linked to in above post (3 positive, 7 neutral, 5 negative)
22 review(s) found for Sweet CHANTELLE xxx linked to in above post (18 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline NightKid

I could do a through analysis of Juliette and go on & on about her flaws versus Chantelle, but the simple answer is; you will never know what you do not try.

I have just completed the double having seen Chantelle today - review to follow. I saw Juliette before I found this site - so pre April - but I can unreservedly say in my opinion Chantelle is streets ahead in looks, attitude and service.

Offline NightKid

I can unreservedly say in my opinion Chantelle is streets ahead in looks, attitude and service.

Not surprising I guess, considering how much of a mixed feedback Juliette has.

I just regret leaving it so long to see Chantelle. Although her finishing at 5:30pm has always been a limiting factor for me so instead went for a 30min lunchtime quicky.

Those flats in old street really depress me,punted chantelle and estelle there and wouldn't return

Offline mrhappypants

i do wonder how much of an impact the maid has in all this.  There has been a regular rotation of girls through that flat on R***** Street but the service seems pretty consistently poor across all of them, though shy Tiffany is on my to do list.  Better stick with Chantelle I say (again).


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