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Author Topic: Sexy Paige  (Read 1829 times)

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Some time ago, but one of my best ever.  :yahoo:

Started with a visit to hers at her old flat in Leeds, on her birthday, and she still has the photos of what she did with my birthday presents in her PG  :yahoo:

I was so impressed that I invited her to mine for an outcall, and it was a shame that we had a mis-understanding about the length of the booking, as I thought I still had another hour of her time when she needed to leave, or her "driver" would have been knocking on my door  :(

Despite this, a real "goodie"  :lol.

She arrived on time and looked like an insurance saleswoman, or similar, in her smart suit, just in case the neighbours were looking, which was unlikely.

A drink together downstairs before she said she would like "to get more comfortable" in the bedroom, so I showed her where it was. A few minutes later, I entered the room to find her naked, with her magic wand buzzing away on her clitoris, and as I watched, she came in quite a large quantity, and all over my bedroom floor  ;). I still have not managed to get the stains out of the carpet  :(

Obviously, this meant that she was now extremely wet, and her pussy juices tasted lovely as I licked them up. She returned the favour with some great OWO, which you have to experience to know just how good she is at this  :angelgirl:!

On with the condom (the first of several) and into her lovely, tight pussy went "Sir JT". How many positions were we in ? I really can't remember, but being in "mish" with her still stocking clad and stiletto heeled feet wrapped around my ears is something I'll remember to my dying day !

More OWO, 69, and another condom or three for Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, "sexy scissors", more missionary, and the final removal of the rubber to allow me to cum in her mouth, with a little over to spare to spread on her wonderful tits, which she said was good for her skin tone there. I know she likes anal too, but that's not for me when she has such a tight, wet and welcoming pussy, but I mention it for the guys who like a bit of "A".  :hi:

Altogether a superbly sexual and satisfying experience with a woman i can thoroughly recommend. Maybe not the youngest out there, but taught, toned, tight and better (for me at least) than many younger and less experienced WG's.

I can't recommend her highly enough  :wackogirl:

Sorry if this is a bit "fluffy", but she's a brilliant f++k   :drinks:

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