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Author Topic: HelloHun  (Read 2290 times)

Offline Bengeo13

I got quite excited when I noticed Christina was back in the area, seen her on her last trip, and one of the best Romanian girls about (a collectors' item). I really enjoyed myself as I recall and her pics are accurate - it's the girl in the photos.
However, I'm sure I didn't pay £90 for 30 minutes! That's just too much. She must have put her fees up!
Bit of a shame but I won't be seeing her at those rates 
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Offline Mansell

She looks fit, better book an overnighter quick at £ 5,000  :dash: :dash: nearly 10 times Brooke Knights. She must be on a different planet.

From the feedback maybe doing more Camming these days ?

My thoughts exactly Bengeo, She is stunning and a true trophy girl. But £90.00 for 30 minutes is just madness. No doubt some people will pay it but I can't see her lasting until the 8th of March at those prices.

Argghhhhh. Just looked at her hourly rate and now I'm half tempted. Would you say she was worth it performance/services wise ?

Offline Bengeo13

Got to be honest with you PG!
What I remember is that she really is as bonny as the photos and that I had a good time but the details escape me, and if you're like me I remember almost everything when the event is really good. So that tells you something.
However to fudge the dilemma further I saw her nearly 10 months ago and I've kept her in my HL so there must have been something. My honest reaction I think was to see her again and I would be tempted at £60, maybe £70.

Offline johnny34

I'm sure the last time she was here she charged £60/70 for 30mins & about £120 for the hour. No way i'll pay £90 for 30mins & for £150 i could have 3 good 30min bookings.

Offline johnny34

Just noticed she charges £50 extra (each) for CIM & A levels.

I know what you mean Bengeo. The time I saw keeva I remember walking out and thinking that was great, must book again immediately. But I can't remember a single damn thing about the actual punt apart from she was very nice ! My meet with Antonia more recently I can remember every detail with total clarity. Down to the colour of the walls and the carpet  :)  Almost heightened state of awareness.

Probably give Christina a miss as my punting budget is fully committed for the month already. Shame though as she's an amazing looking girl.

She looks a belter alright, too bad she's a "no black men" person  :dash:

That's me out.....

Offline Looking4fun

She's a stunner looking at her photos but I've noticed most of the touring girls expect to charge more than than the local girls, I was going to book a touring girl at Xmas time she was 100 for the hour she came back a week ago now 140 suppose their covering the travelling expenses

Offline Pastit

She looks fit, better book an overnighter quick at £ 5,000  :dash: :dash: nearly 10 times Brooke Knights. She must be on a different planet.

From the feedback maybe doing more Camming these days ?

Brooke Knights seems to prefer longer bookings for herself, as her 14 hour "overnight rate" works out at only about £43 per hour, which is one hell of a lot better than her "headline" rate of £150 !  OK, so she says herself that she expects to sleep for some hours of this, but can you imagine waking up with your hands/fingers on that bum/tits/pussy ?  :yahoo:
Banning reason: Previously banned prossie stalker

Offline BoroLad

Well she's replied so hopefully we are on for Thurs.  I don't punt often and when I do I don't mind paying a bit over the odds if it's worth it. Thanks for the other feedback link.

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