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Author Topic: Daventry area  (Read 1403 times)

Offline itspaul

I work in and around daventry on a daily basis are there any ladies in this are that anyone could recommend or a local paper they advertise in as a/w is lacking in this area.  Cheers

Offline Lukej123

Have you tried


She's been on my HL for a long while now - just Daventry bit too close to home and the "shitting on your own doorstep" thing stops me. Be great to get some feedback from anyone who's seen her.
She has a couples profile too.

Offline mf_1101

I used to live near Daventry, it's a small town so don't raise your hopes. Sexybum seems to be the only legit escort. Never seen her (something to do with AW feedback).

I have seen a few randoms pop up and now and again, I had my second ever punt in Daventry with a fit looking 40 something blonde who disappeared, can't find her profile but she used to do two girls with peachy pippa (if anyone knows, her name was Tiffany). Other than that there was Sienna who isn't active as she was pregnant last time I looked at her.

Better off looking at Northampton or Coventry. Even Leicester is only a 45 minute drive up the M1, or Milton Keynes down the A5. If you don't drive, stick to Northampton.

Offline Zalaroon

I think Siena Sunshine is based there sometimes - I certainly had a very pleasurable hour there with her before Xmas.


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Offline tnalove

It does seem a small sleepy town but perhaps the huge expansion of Dirft, the train/industrial unit complex will make it like Aberdeen?

There are gigantic warehouses going up and it seems to have its own wind farm to power it all.

All that is much nearer Rugby though...
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