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Author Topic: adult work email unverified issues, anyone else having problem's?  (Read 662 times)

Offline Carey

I can't log into adult work and also I've forgotten the email I used to sign up with. I know my username and pass word but apparently I need to verify my email again out of no where, the email has been working fine for years.

Anyone else had this problem before? Is there anything I can do to get my account back? To change my email address I need to know the current one.  :(

I read on here the other day that receiving a 'flirt' forces an email re-verification. That has happened to me this week.

That doesn't help solve your problem, but might explain the reason.

Offline Carey

Interesting, thanks.

I can't even submit a Support Ticket, I filled in everything only to be shown a message "your message was not sent".

This is ridiculous  :dash:

Offline willbred

Yep, I've had similar this week. Can't remember the original e mail address ( 5 years ago-why would I?). AW can't help so the handle's stuffed. I've got an alias,interesting thing is I have received a flirt on that account but not affected - yet. So unless same happens to that I'll live with it.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (willbred, Diplomat65)

Offline cueball

I read on here the other day that receiving a 'flirt' forces an email re-verification.

Not for me it don't

Offline Sedlmayer

I had exactly the same problem, AW being, basically, shit.
You can create another profile, and there are tips on here if you search on how to do that without creating aliases, but I simply didn't bother. I don't miss my AW account at all, and book girls via punting phone only.
No phone number, no business from me.

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