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Author Topic: Czech WG - Sexy Lauren a.k.a. Alison  (Read 2244 times)

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Offline Ludwig

Currently active profiles / ads:-
https://www.adultwork.com/2714124 https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy%2E%2ELauren     (screen shot)

I first saw this WG getting on for two years ago, & have reviewed her before on her old AW profile, https://www.adultwork.com/1973043, which disappeared many months ago.   By chance I recently came across a Friday Ad which I suspected was her…a quick phone call soon confirmed that it was indeed the same Alison and before I knew it I’d booked an hour's incall with her a few days later, at a Central Croydon hotel. However, she primarily alternates working in Purley or Gatwick, so I felt it better to post this review on the South East boards...

We spent the first few minutes or so catching up, & she explained that AW had managed to fuck up her old profile about six months or so ago over verification issues.  After several fruitless attempts to resolve it, she’d given up & simply taken over a verified profile from another Czech girl, namely https://www.adultwork.com/2714124.  She’s been using this AW profile for a couple of months only, so take note that she was not using it when it was being discussed on this UKP thread

Physically, she is pretty much as before (albeit previously she was a redhead):- pretty facially, 5'6", with a nicely-proportioned size 10 figure, 36" B/C boobs, nice curvy arse;
This punt was also similar to the first - lots of sensual FK, OWO & RO ... and a couple of enjoyable & enthusiastic fucks in the usual positions;
No clock-watching...


£110 for the hour, this was another enjoyable punt, with a bright bubbly & cheerful lass …

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Offline herbie007

Thanks for the review Ludwig and glad you had a good time.

She looks good to me, going to try and see her Monday.  :drinks:

Offline Deviant

Lauren/Alison is back in the UK after a summer off and now using the name Katarina (she always told me that was her name from the start)


Great girl. 4th time I have seen her now but God she is hard to track down. She has been out in the hot Czech summer and is nicely tanned all over and her boobs looked to have grown! I spent a lovely hour with her in Croydon and then at the end she asked me if I wanted to go eat and we went out for a meal together.

Really down to earth natural girl who likes to talk but is also amazing in bed and looks hot. When I met her in another hotel back in the winter she came down to meet me and as we went up to her room, all the guys who walked past stopped and double checked. She turns heads and is happy in bed.

A girl of this quality is a real rarity in Croydon and its surrounding punting wastelands.

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