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Author Topic: Roxy91  (Read 1043 times)

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Review of Roxy91, 23yr old girl from Merthyr


First and foremost this was my first punt in around 17 years so I don't have a benchmark to compare her too, from a WG perspective so bear that in mind.

Originally arranged to meet on spur of moment on Tuesday but her "sister popped round" although in fairness she let me know before I had left.

Anyway rearranged for this morning, comms and reassurance all good. Booked an hour visit.  Address provided and a quick google map search and turned up to a traditional 2 up 2 down terraced house in Merthyr not far off the Heads of the Valleys road.

Quickly escorted up stairs to bedroom, little sparse and unwelcoming but clean enough.


Looks - easily 8-10 pretty girl possibly a little more make up than I would like but that's being picky.

Body - as can be seen from her photos she is petite with small, Peru breasts with both nipples pierced.  However she is fit as a butchers dog, not at inch of fat on her, hard stomach wih belly piercing and lovely small but pert ass.  Tanned (fake) body

Personality - obviously only judging on that particular hour of today but very welcoming, chatty and seems a genuine girl.

As said above its difficult for me to benchmark as first punt in years.  She was generally willing to please.  Her massage after first pop was a bit naff but you don't go there to have the knots worked out of your back.

Jumped into Owo to start without having to be asked and was happy for me to slide a few fingers in at the same time.  Not sure if it was my slight nervousness or lack of taking charge but she didn't seem to lead with things naturally after that but guess she is used to blokes taking control.

She played with herself without prompting as I fucked her and as I was getting my second wind did the same which was quite a turn on.

From what she said not sure she has been on the game a huge amount of time. Managed a second pop. She did actually get up to check phone a full twenty minutes before time but not sure if that's standard bad time keeping.

In conclusion would recommend, especially if you have a thing for slim but healthily toned girls.

Go easy on me, first review haha

1 review(s) found for Roxy91 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Nice review, I love one of her profile pics, you can see a shadow of a Gorilla taking the photo   :lol:

Haha yeah didn't notice that!  Looks like Bluto or Pop-eye.

That arse is amazing though. 

Offline ShyWolf

Well what you said is great to here been looking at her profile for 2 weeks and am very interested so glad that she seems nice and sounds like does everything I would want

What's going to ask about her on the forum but then this popped up.

Would great did you think the actual sex was? I.e tight, moves or just lays thier did she do DFK

During sex at times she would look a little vacant but at other times make eye contact.

When I was doing her from behind could hear little moans start and then she reached down and started playing with her clit, and little later moaned she was about to come etc.  didn't seem fake and didn't over do the moans and groans etc.

Kissing was very brief, sort of half closed mouth kissingnandntbh think she had a piece of chewing gum in there which i find off putting anyway.

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