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Author Topic: Harrogate  (Read 1345 times)


I'm up in Harrogate in a few weeks, anyone know if the link below offers more than a massage?




Offline yorky1970

i met her. unfortunatley massage only, she will let you get in her jacuzzi alone tho, told me to allow 90 mins, got on bed face down  had massage she had her tits out turned over  gave me a tit wank  i was out the door in 50 mins for £`100.00 bit expesnsive,  not slim and not that good looking, i wudnt go back.

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Offline xxxx


I'd go have this one good looking in her profiles pic (have condoms to fuck her but have owo)
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Yorky your reply was a bit confusing.

I've had a couple of PM's so going to give this one a miss, thanks for the link for the Milf, will look into that one.



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