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Author Topic: Lush-Lou - various locations?  (Read 801 times)

Offline dawsonuk

Hi all,

Any opinions on this lady - https://www.adultwork.com/2788136 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lush%2DLou

She seems to travel round a lot, and is hopefully down my way tomorrow. Had a few email exchanges with her which all sound positive, face pic in the PG is very nice, all looks positive to me.

Anyone got an opinion?

Cheers, Dawson.

Offline CBPaul

Bloody hell, a half decent profile.

Looks nice and if she happened to tour this way I would be seriously tempted to make contact. Only thing is she looks to be a bit difficult to make contact with, that's something that pisses me off at the best of times. Might well be worth the effort though.

Offline the lurker

Various locations, no kidding, this girl must drive a Tardis. I'd be very happy to be proved wrong but I don't believe this is real. Harrow, Docklands, Aberdeen, and a million other places, in very short time.

Offline dawsonuk

She was apparently in CMK yesterday, texted and called a few times earlier in the day to try to meet last night, as well as an email via AW. No response until an e-mail today saying she was back in CMK next month.

I won't hold my breath....shame as she does look quite fit. Not chasing it though.

Offline 1dt

Watford now, maybe her dads best friend is her driver:

from her aw interview:

What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in public?   
Dad caught me wanking his best mate when I was 16! That was awkward.  :D :D
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Offline the lurker

Liverpool now, her dads mate is Lewis Hamilton

Offline Roo

..and Heathrow today! This girl must spend more time on the road than in bed!  :rolleyes:
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