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Author Topic: Reasonable new girl in Coventry ?  (Read 1296 times)


Coventry is not often known for it's abundance of good girls. So, I was very surprised to find this good looking girl, and she has some
good (aw ?) feedback and wondered if anyone has had the pleasure of seeing her....

https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2335761 Profile is Cherry4444


Offline porndan

No but she is on my to do list
Banning reason: Rubbish review

Offline splodger69

Yes, saw her a couple of times last year and then she stopped escorting for a while; to catch up on her studies!! She is actually really nice, down to earth, a little shy.. great body and very responsive :-) I might have to go and see her again  :thumbsup:

Offline CoolTiger

3hr minimum for an incall, for £300

Offline Studdy9

She's on my HL too, am contemplating booking a hotel for an outcall. Any recommendations that take cash payments in Cov?

Never tried but I imsgine the Britannia (either city centre or tamworth road) will take cash.
They tend to be where all the foreigners operate from

Offline CoolTiger

Even then, most of them will ask for ID to be shown (and usually copied by them). This is in the event that a room is trashed or damaged, and they need to chase you up for it.

What has always put me off hotel Outcalls is the girl usually insists on taking your real name, used on the booking. So they can call the hotel and ask to be put through to your room.

There is not a chance is hell a prossy is getting my real name

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