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Author Topic: Christy (Invasian Escorts) - Bayswater  (Read 2604 times)

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Every now and then I feel like seeing a Thai WG. They are very petite, genuinely like the look of me, and good for a confidence boost.  I am also trying to move away from my gfe tendencies and go to more pse experiences. For that I need to change my 'lazy' mindset from cum once and done. Essentially this was another test to see if i could go again within the hour.

Anyway I had wanted to see Sherbert, but she wasnt available until Friday so went with Christy who was also on my list.

She is located in queensway/bayswater, in a block of flats. Buzzed in (there is a working intercom) and into her flat. Her room is large with a bed and two sofas.

Christy is tiny! Definitely not over 5 foot and very petite. Fake hard boobs with big nipples (not areola), which look good for her small build. I would say she is mid-30s, could be older, but thai women seem to age very well. Most importantly she is pretty and had that smile on from the pictures. Her english is decent.

If you want to be pampered then thai WG are also good for that. Offered drink and once I was ready, she led me to the shower, poured out some mouthwash for me, ran the shower water to get it to a nice temperature and held out the shower curtain so I could get in.
Into the room and told to sit on the bed. Amusingly even though i was sat on the bed, I was the same height as christy standing. Anyway straight into FK/DFK. Her kissing as mentioned by someone else is like if you picked up a civvie and she just wanted to get off  :)

Then told me to lie on the bed so she could give OWO. Lot of attention to the balls, which is not my thing, but i know lot of guys seem to love that. She seemed very eager to get me to cum in her mouth, sucking furiously on the head while using her hand on the shaft. Stopped her for my turn. She is not fully shaved and has a nice trim tuft. Responsive to RO, with a bit of wriggling and shifting of legs.
On with the condom and into missionary. Lot of moaning from her and wrapping her arms around me. As usual with the first round, didnt last long. She kept her arms tighly wrapped around me and encouraged me to keep slowly thrusting in her to make sure every last drop made it into the condom.

She cleaned me up and then offered massage, which I took. Her massage is very good, perfect pressure and spends lot of time on the back which I like. She does ask if she can use oil. Onto the front and she continued with full body massage, some of it i found strange, but i guess im not one for full body massage. Started with slow massage of my cock to get it going again and into OWO, and then trying to break her arm off with a handjob haha.

On with condom again to start with her squatting over me to me pounding her from underneath, would take it turns from me fucking her hard, to her bouncing on me. Then her leaning back to allow me to fuck her at different angle. She got very loud!
Change of position into doggy with me standing at edge of bed. As she is tiny she doesnt really have any butt, so this didnt do much for me, although still enjoyable. I didnt go hard either, as worried I might break her with my monstrously average sized dick  :lol:    . After long while, decided to stop as i wasnt going to cum, but she stayed in position and insisted i will cum, so continued I did! During the entire time she would be gripping the sheets with her bed buried in the bed, making lots of noise. Felt almost like a porn star.

Mindful of the time, I stopped, I didnt cum but I was completely fine with that. I was just extremely pleased I had got hard again and able to fuck away without the 'cant-be-bothered' attitude I usually have. Felt great, and definitely feel ready for a full on pse girl.

- Full on kissing
- Friendly and enthusiastic with sex
- Eager to please
- Proper hostess
- Great massage

- None

I saw Christy again for 2nd time a couple weeks ago, and she was just as great as the first time. At the end she also thanked me for coming to see her again which was nice.

Only problem was that she had moved temporarily to a shit flat in bayswater, it was almost as tiny as her! She said it would only be for 2 weeks or so, she is planning to move to a proper flat similar to her old one.

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