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Author Topic: PrettyDaisy  (Read 853 times)

Offline mr2jj

Hi guys, am a regular visitor, but never registered. I was just wondering if there is any feedback on this girl

https://www.adultwork.com/2754262 or https://www.adultwork.com/PrettyDaisy

She looks good, but bit of a trek if its a let down.

can't find any myself

she looks really good though

Offline bod666

yes she does but going to hull??  :scare:

Offline costa

I sore her back in the summer , fairly pretty descent body and nice boobs. if she and I do mean if- because its been 6 month the location isn't very discrete but the road is quite .(private house ) .....on the day was dress was dressed in a really nice summer dress that I picked from her twitter feed . may be walkable just from the trainstation.

Offline costa

sorry forgot to add she worked under another name think it was something fox but cant quite remember , I did follow her on twitter that's how see let everyone know that her profile had changed . I amagine due to her age she will have the run of hull and her twitter feed is quite well managed if that's the right word- with if I remember daily life pics of cloths shes wearing and pics off bra and knickers plus nights out and hols.

A nice girl, and a good punt. 
Slightly above average Hull prices but worth a visit.

Offline mr2jj

Ok, thanks guys. bod666, yeh, thats what I thought, Hull is a bit of a trek. I looked at her twitter and she looks great (a change from all the size zeros about), but didn't want a wasted journey.

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