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If some one could do the link............must go on a course for this.

This is an interesting one..........and one I would recommend but she is different! Extremely well spoken, very Chelsea set, kind of fallen on bad times with a messy divorce in London but seems to really enjoy what she is doing, her hobby is swimming and it shows, extremely fit body.

Excellent oral skills, sex in Mish and doggy, fingering, RO, DFK.

Lovely apartment, full on lady in her late 30s, a welcome change from the norm.

Late 30's? You'll probably be surprised to hear that she is in fact early 50's.
I saw her three times back in 2012 when her 'troubles' we're at their height. The third and last punt didn't take place as she scared the shit out of me on arrival because of her drunkeness.
I've spoken to her since as I'm tempted to give her another go. She seems to have straightened herself out and is not so grog dependant.
During sobriety she was a damn good fuck.

Tony Montana

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So you would advise against "opening a bottle of champagne" as she suggests in her profile?  :D

Bloody hell Rudolph.............I'm taking up swimming........if she had said 39 I would have believed it.

I know Mr K, looks way younger & fit as fuck.
I had heard your breaststroke was 2nd to none..........

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