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Author Topic: Japanese stunna Lily Petite  (Read 1456 times)


Anyone sampled her? I have emailed twice and got the bog-standard 'call me to make arrangements', so looking for some Asian action this week, probably Tuesday.
Report to follow, LOVE Japanese with a patch of bush!

Offline Ali Katt

There's no image matches, although she was previously in Warwickshire. I say go for it.  :thumbsup:

Offline phatbadger

ditto - let us know how you get on .... just love petite oriental chicks at the moment  :wacko:
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Offline Pauluk1

Her profile says she is Chinese. Ok it also says she's from Japan as well.  Hope you enjoy her wherever she's from.

She looks good, Japanese girls are a rare find. When you planning to see her?

Offline yorkshire123

I would be ready to walk as the phone number reveals a few hits so could be an oriental agency?

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Offline Dekka

 Unlikely to be Japanese in my experience.

Offline bigjim

I am interested to see if she is real !! :hi:

Offline Dekka

If she can provide proof she's Japanese, I'll reimburse your fee and be round their like turd off a garden implement myself!

Not looking good is it?
She's read my booking, not replied and the designated time to confirm from her has passed.
I was dying to splash a weeks worth over that tiny bush as well.

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