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Author Topic: hot brunette Glasgow  (Read 2431 times)

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Offline chico1000

Maria is quite well reviewed but I thought it was maybe time for an update. I have seen Maria a few times and the sessions get better.  Met Maria today for 45mins for £70 and requested 1st round normal session and 2nd round nuru massage and extras. 
Getting the cons out the way first of all Maria is not the prettiest in the face, not ugly by any stretch of the imagination, her body is incredible.  The other con is that sometimes arrangements can go awry.  On this occasion it was spot on but there has been occasions where I have booked in advance turned up only to discover she is nowhere to be seen.  It is probably testament to the overall punt with her that I have persevered with her.  I also now see the folly of trying to book a foreign girl in advance.  I have now discovered that if you book her on the day and when she comes on, she is very reliable just don't expect to book anything in advance with.  Anyway Maria is Brazilian both in nationality and down below, pics and description on the site ar her e accurate.  Her breasts are a nice proportion real and she has responsive big nipples her body is fit and not a pick of fat.  Her English is quite good but don't expect a long email.  She has been in the UK for about 4years but still struggles a bit with the written language.  She advertises as a masseuse but really its an escort service.  She has all the oils a proper bed and stuff but even when she starts a massage she always makes a bee line for your cock.  A friendly girl good fun and very enthusiastic.  Anyway back to the punt she answered the door in an incredible metallic type top with her nips showing, black g string and nice black stockings and high heels. Once in the room a bit fk more sensual than deep but certainly tongues.  She then kind of does a standing up lap dance backing in to me and rubbing her arse on my crotch. I then bent her over the massage table and spanked her arse for standing me up up on the previous occasion.  She quite liked that.  Then on to the massage table a two second massage and then on to a sensual bj with Maria amusing herself in the mirror looking at herself sucking my cock and alternating between me giving me good eye contact.  Then on with the jacket which Maria does expertly with her mouth I then bent Maria over the massage table facing the big mirror and fucked her doggie. Plenty of enthusiasm and push backs. We then changed positions with her lying back on the table and me entering at the front.  Again plenty of enthusiasm with Maria playing with her tits and her vagina. A couple of other positions then I got the jacket off and got her to give me a BJ first with her deep throating me and me kind of face fucking her a bit.  The on to the table again till I came.. Not quite CIM on this occasion but she had a wee play with her tongue on the cum that had come out of my cock.  Anyway quick clean up had a quick shower and out to round two on her prepared bed with the Nuru massage.  Back and front Nuru massage then Maria made a bee line for the wee man.  OWO again, RO, 69, rimming and anal play both ways.  Great fun and a wee chat and shower at the end.  For those on this board that may not have visited her for awhile she does not do so many "oohhs and ahhs" but is no less enthusiastic.
 Maria in a bit of enigma she does not advertise many of these services but it appears to me if you give her a bit a charm she is quite happy to give out the extras.  Anyway in summary Maria has not got model looks but has got a very nice body, wears sexy gear, loads of extras all enthusiastically given, friendly girl and a very good value punt.
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14 review(s) found for hot brunettee linked to in above post (14 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline auldie63

She used to be Hot Amanda Brazil, saw her several times a while ago and she always was top drawer.

been watching this one, on the back of what you've said I might take the plunge now

Offline elihd

Thanks for sharing thinking of booking her sometimes this week.  :lol:
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Does she still have her creepy boyfriend/pimp living in the flat and walking about ....I remember that was really offputting?

Offline chico1000

No sign of anyone else.  Money left on table throughout.  I think I asked her some time ago if she had a friend and she told me he had gone back home.
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Offline apex901

Am gettin no luck meeting her anyone else have any joys meeting her?

Offline chico1000

If she's busy she won't answer you.  She appears just to take bookings on the day.  Best bet is to try and text about 11am with a clear idea when you want to book for and hope for the best.
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Does she still have her creepy boyfriend/pimp living in the flat and walking about ....I remember that was really offputting?

I had a booking with her last Oct, now when I tried to let my self in, seemingly the door entry wasn't working, next to me trying to get in was another guy, at the time never knew who he was

so guessing it was her boy friend, took the other lift, and seen him go into her flat, and decided not to go ahead, even texted her telling her this

Offline chico1000

Somebody else said that and on a visit a couple of months back I asked her if she had a friend and she told me he went back to Brazil several months ago and she was on her own.  I've visited her a few times and never saw any trace of anyone and the money always gets left where I leave it.
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Offline apex901

Cheers bud will try again monday

Offline mavgoose

Any recent visits from anyone on here to clarify this partner / boyfriend / business partner guy.....!????

Was thinking of a wee visit. Sounds great vfm @ £50.

But someone being there = a no no.

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