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Author Topic: Cute Doll  (Read 1372 times)

30 review(s) for cute doll86xxx (28 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2486447 or https://www.adultwork.com/cute+doll86xxx

First review here from me. Seen her many times since July 2014, but this review will be from the first time I saw her because the following visits were similar.

A dead Friday afternoon at the office. I look around and I see a few rather good looking work colleagues and a few milf type clients on the meeting room as I walk past. I instantly thought, hold on I need to have one of those. But then my attention turned to the reception lady that came on our floor to hand in some papers. Why she was dressed in a tight revealing outfit I don't know but reminded me of Xena. Looked her up on AW from my phone obviously, I don't want them to know I've accessed this website using their network. Got her number and texted her for availability first slot the following Monday. Surprisingly I did get a reply as I didn't see her before. Date and Time agreed.

Monday it is and I take the train to Harrow and Wealdstone and walk up to her road. Miss judged the time and ended up being 20 minutes early.. better early than late. Called her up for the number got the answer to call back in 10 minutes as she wasn't ready. 9.50 I call her and got the number and off to first floor. She opens the door dressed with a bath robe and underwear inside. Next thing I know is I get asked how old I am as she thought I looked 'young' and ends it with a "take it as a compliment".

Paper work sorted out.

She goes away for 30 seconds and back. Meanwhile I start to take off my jacket etc. She comes back in, takes off her bath robe and puts it to the side. She looked amazing! and back to me with a DFK.. very deep, god that was awesome! One of the best DFK's I ever experienced. As we french kiss she starts to undress me. She kisses all over my upper body and down for OWO before she gets completely naked and onto the bed. More DFK and OWO follow. I bring her pussy up on my face for a 69! Could feel the tension building and told her to slow down and just enjoy her pussy being licked. I could see she was enjoying it.. well I hope she was and not faking it.

We move onto protected sex. Missionary, her on top and doggy were used. Honestly loved every position be it kissing her or enjoying the view while fucking her beautiful pussy. Soon came inside her, protected obviously and she cleans it up for both of us.

Rest for 10 minutes - random talk which she looked rather interested.. and some fk dfk throughout the 10 minutes.

Round 2 was quite similar to round 1.. OWO, DFK, 69 and more sex and she finished me off with a nice blowjob.


A good body
Amazing DFK
OWO was quite nice, awesome during 69
Sex was good
She smelled nice
Nice pussy
Soft skin
Will treat you just like a real GF would



On a side note, I wish she offered anal.

Would I go back? Already have and most definitely will, but her increase in £20 would make me want to try out different WG priced similarly. Actually I am having a hard time finding someone similar to her in the area and price wise.


30 review(s) found for cute doll86xxx linked to in above post (28 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline The_Don

Thanks for the review :thumbsup:

A good service provider,  that may be moving on soon

Yes that's right. :(

I hope I find a replacement someone as good or even better lol

Offline mrx007

Wow, what a beauty. Just looking at her is making my balls ache. She is on the list for tonight/tomorrow...

She is on holiday atm, back on the 8th of Feb with her flat mate. Personally her mate wasn't so appealing to me so cannot report on her.

Offline SamLP

Xena is top vfm and a great punt  :thumbsup:

Offline LL

I've seen her 3 times. So she must be good as I don't often go back to the same one

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