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Author Topic: Casey Love - Swansea  (Read 2026 times)

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Offline wolfdancer


I saw Casey a few years ago when she was in Cardiff and have tried to meet up with her a couple of times since but hadn't managed to.

Great communication on the run up to the meeting, which was at her flat on the outskirts of Swansea, directions to the flat were given along with parking instructions, then asked to ring her for final directions. Parking was in a public area but no one looks where you are going so it is very discrete, entrance to the flat was easy and I was met by Casey wearing exactly what I had asked her to wear. She looked stunning.

What followed was an hour of total enjoyment several highlights that stick in my mind and make me want to visit her again which is already arranged.

Lots of deep French kissing, touching, fantastic oral without and great sex in whatever position you wanted.

If you get the chance go see her.

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Offline Mikeh38

I can only concur, imho the best in wales by a mile, our last meeting was two hours of full on utter filth  :yahoo: :yahoo:

Must admit I am tempted by the photos, but two hundred notes for the hour seems a bit steep.

Offline aardvark

200 p/h is far too steep for me.  She does however say that for the third and subsequent visits she will reduce the price.  She does not however say to what.

What we really need is for someone who has reached the magic third visit to tell us how much the regulars rate is.

yes your talking £600 before you can negotiate, those prices are a no go for me. And I thought business was a bit slow January time, after xmas and all that, normally some bargains about.

yes your talking £600 before you can negotiate, those prices are a no go for me. And I thought business was a bit slow January time, after xmas and all that, normally some bargains about.

I'm assuming that you have an Adultwork profile here - on her 'Offers' tab she says that an hour booking made via AW before 12pm is £160 rather than £200. You can give her a ring for details.

Offline Mikeh38

Is it fair to say what prices regulars pay ? she might have different arrangements with different guys.

Let's just say I pay less than her stated price for a two hour booking and I think it's very good VFM and I'm happy with her discount.

Offline wolfdancer

I am with Mikeh38 on this.

Whatever rate she agrees with you is between you and her and to me has nothing to do with anyone else.

I will say I went to see her in the morning.

Yes she is expensive but two days after the meeting I am still having images of some of the things we did coming back into mind so to me she is more than worth it

Offline jtfm

Casey is a top girl we have met a few times when she bid on my RBs, don't know whether she has regular bids or I was just lucky but its got to be worth a try.
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I get your point, but having thought about this I would say this. Prices should be uniform , an hourly rate should be there for the punter to know where he stands for the price for a service. All this mystery and banter just takes you into the realms of used car salesmen and antique dealers, £200 for an hour is nonsense, just means the reduced rate sounds like your getting a bargain when really it is still probably a lot above £120 an hour, which I think is top rate anyway.

Offline Salt

Here's my advice - don't fucking bother. Swansea is a punting shithole. Stay in your room, sit on your left hand for 30 mins then when it's gone to sleep wank yourself off. Since man has been able to walk upright no one has ever had a decent paid fuck in Swansea and anyone who says they have has probably been smoking crack

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Ah the one who got away was due to see her in December on a Reverse Booking Great Comms but sadly on day her monthly friend arrived.I did suspect maybe id been gaszumped but she went to the effort of getting 3 fellow Sp's girls to contact to fill the booking at the price agreed Sadly logistics meant not possible as 1 was fully booked til when i was at football and https://www.adultwork.com/2213030 who looks to be fantastic but sadly couldnt entertain me til 6pm so logistically not possible to be back for the football Mind the way QPR played that night wish id gone with this option.and the other girl just didnt grab my attention>Was first time ive ever had working girls calling to see me made me giggle .Ended up seeing https://www.adultwork.com/2213030 cannot remember if i reviewed or not just an ok time with a reasonably pretty larger girl does have fantastic tits though i remember those tits

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Offline Cheeseman

Both of those links are for Welsh Brunette. Who was the reasonably pretty larger girl with fantastic tits please?

Woops wrong link https://www.adultwork.com/2184784  Tasha is the larger blonde girl with fantastic tits Sadly Welsh Brunette wasn't available til too late to get back for football .Used the extra money on quick half hour at parlour next to station with a brunette called Chelsea wasn't too bad Not really enough kissing for my taste

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