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Author Topic: Jodie  (Read 2583 times)

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I've seen Jodie a few times now. She is friendly, easy to talk to and always dresses to please. For £30 a pop you will not get a better blow job.

She gives a proper pornstar style BJ, with lots of kissing and lots of eye contact while licking and spitting on your cock.

One downside is initially she was hard to get hold of and she is only available a few hours each day. Other than that she is amazing. I have not had sex yet, but that's probably just because the BJ is so good.

6 review(s) found for Jodie loves cock x linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Online Corus Boy

I've visited Jodie many times and never been disappointed.

Not yet, usually it's just a quick BJ as she is only available when I'm in work!

Finally managed to hook up with JLC last Friday.

Comms were easy with prompt responses whether text or email and arranged an early meet.

Arrived a little early and parked a little way up the street and text JLC to let her know I was ready. Had a text a few mins later inviting me in. I walked up to her door and did not feel out of place as others were coming and going what with school drop offs and a few yummy mummy types putting their pushchairs in their 4 x 4's.

JLC opened the door promptly and I was very pleasantly surprised at how gorgeous she is, a real MILF type.

we introduced each other with a full on dfk and i handed her the paperwork. JLC led me into the bedroom and asked if i wanted to stand or lie on the bed. I chose to stand. JLC was in the outfit that I had requested and soon had my little fella throbbing just at the sight of her and with some gentle rubbing he was at full mast pretty soon.

we dfk'd for a good 5 mins and JLC allowed me to explore her body. JLC knelt and proceeded to give me a very good BJ, plenty of eye contact, a little dirty talk (as requested) and plenty of spit, this was more PSE than GFE and she is great at is.

After a few minutes of this fab PSE, I had to ask her to slow down as i could feel the sap rising, which she did without complaint giving me a knowing look with those wonderful eyes. She then went back to it and again was not frustrated when i asked again for her to slow it down. Third round was just too much to resist and she had me erupting over her face as we had agreed. I think JLC was a little surprised at the amount that i delivered as she made comment about it as she reached for the kitchen towel and cleaned herself up. I did notice that she had a blob on her neck that she had missed which looked great, just like being a teenager all over again. ;)

Will i be back - Yes and maybe go for the sex option, if its half as good as the BJ experience then its going to be up there with my all time punts.

Jodie - keep it up girl.

Any idea where she went or will be back?

Online Corus Boy

Any idea where she went or will be back?

As it says on her profile;


So I've deleted her number until her profile is updated, showing a change back.

Offline Redevil86

Typical, been away for six months, been looking forward to visiting for most of that six months.soon as I'm back, gone ? Will keep on hot list and hopefully she will make a comeback and if she does, I'll be making a visit soon as.

It's a shame, she lives quite close to work, so I would often pop out for a lunch time blowjob.

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