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Author Topic: Jackie - LSS - Edinburgh  (Read 2013 times)

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Offline JazzMan

London Street Sauna
I don't know why Jackie hasn't been mentioned before because she is one of the most stunning girls of the Edinburgh sauna scene.
Romanian, very pretty with stunning body.
Very friendly and easy to talk to.
The usual LSS type service no owo or kissing. Can't give more than a Neutral because of that.
If you want to fuck a stunning looking girl then it's a good option.

Apart from Jackie none of the others at LSS looked any good.
Seven girls working and all available.

Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Offline Marmalade

I do tend to phone ahead with a checklist to hand (ready to try to write at lightning speed as the receptionist reels them off).

There's so many it's hard to keep up with them, so thanks for the report. Appreciated.

Although there are a couple of decent performers on good days, I tend to go there sometimes for sheer simplicity (rather than pissing about phoning AW girls for an "appointment".) Even with LSS, I've struck out sometimes simply as that's what a lot of folk seem to be doing now, phoning ahead,  and good performers can be booked up for hours at a time.

Damned waste of talent, when you think about it. A short training course for these Romanians and they and we could all be much better off.

Saw her about 18 months ago at LSS when she first started there and to be fair was very friendly if somewhat limited in her services.
Living 100+ miles away from Edinburgh I always used to ring the sauna the day before to check who was on( or in the case of when Becky Carlyle briefly worked at LSS...ring on the Sunday and book her for the following Saturday).

Yeah I used to frantically scribble away on a scrap of paper trying to keep up as Martin reeled off the names at breakneck speed.

I have had the pleasure of being with Jackie on 2 occasions last year and I would agree with what has been said on here. Herself, Marie and Lucy are in my opinion the top 3 at lss,  although im not sure if Lucy is still working in the room at present as she was on the desk at my last visit. Totally agree with Marmalade in his comments about the other Romanian girls.  If the started to give a much improved service then they could probably make a lot more money for themselves.

And some of them CAN do it when they put their minds to it...had a fantastic time in the past with Paula and also Anarita on more than one occasion.

Is the Greek girl Maree still at LSS? Had some great times with her in years gone by!

Offline Marmalade

Is the Greek girl Maree still at LSS? Had some great times with her in years gone by!

Just on Sundays last I saw of her.

Just on Sundays last I saw of her.

Thanks a Sunday visit may be in order! I'll phone ahead to check though!

Offline Darkhorse

LSS has turned into a Romanian ghetto, but still there are few good performers. Nisha and Lorry both ex BSS girls, provide good friendly services in the room. Lucy and Mona, both are on the top of punters list, but they work as part timer or seasonal suna girls  .

Seen Jackie at the weekend. Agree with the former comments Really nice girl.Had a very enjoyable session. If only the rest of the Romanian contingent had her attitude .

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