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Author Topic: Emmy Heaven Sent Harlington  (Read 2040 times)

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Date 23/1/15 Location Flat on Harlington High Street
Price £ 60 for 30 mins + £20 for OWO and RO
Having read a review of this place by bowesj and been attracted by the 2 Thai and 1 Indian girl on the rota thought i would see what the service was like.Called got given the address took a while to find as im not the best at finding addresses.Entered the flat told to go to bedroom and wait for the girls first in was a pretty 20 something blonde with massive tits very tempted but i was there to see the Thai girl i adore them and in came Emmy very very smiley pretty early 20s Thai girl with very big(fake tits) with massive nipples.There is a price list where its £30 for 10 mins basic suck and fuck onwards and upwards listing various sexual activities and time.Hand her money she gives the money to maid returns and gives a good massage at one moment thought she was gonna stand on my back thankfully she didnt.Then turn over and say with or without say without so she wants £20 hand over and she proceeds to suck my cock going lovely and deep whilst i play with those big nipples.After about 10 minutes say you want sex on with condom and straight in cowgirl which she proceeds with and grinds back and forth but generally no up and down mind those tits wouldnt have bounced anyway.Asks if i want to CIM but i guess it would be extra and besides im nearly there at this point.Cum in condom she then helps to clean me up(Probably the best part as she is genuinely gentle and tactile doing this).Then some Reverse Oral but no reaction at all either bad or good .Get dressed and given nice kiss.All in all an ok experience with a very pretty smiley little Thai girl but a neutral as i wont rush back
PS First Thai/Chinese girl ive ever seen who never even played with my bum i thought it was a Thai thing to work your prostate

Offline drwho

Thanks for the review DH.
I too was interested in Emmy and the Indian and Tikka, the other Thai at Heaven sent.
Sounds fairly typical parlour ie. lots of services are extras.
Do you think kissing is included in the basic £60/30 mins?

I'd be happy enough to settle for ow, but it pisses me off when they refuse to kiss without an extra payment.

I wouldn't say prostate massage is a given with Thai girls either.
Thanks for investigating

Kissing is certainly included well at least with Emmy it was no problem at all gentle kissing anyhow she actually seemed to enjoy it probably not what most punters want

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