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Author Topic: Anyone seen Polish girl xOliwiax?  (Read 2059 times)

« Last Edit: January 18, 2015, 04:33:50 PM by Shadow69 »

2 review(s) found for Xoliwiax linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Wow...another hot polish girl...

The feedback looks genuine but no reviews on here.......I'm torn now  :dash:..... Really fancy seeing this one now lol

Offline seeker

Yep ...feedback looks good ...
She has a nice pair of lungs on her too   :thumbsup:

I'm torn between 3 girls to see this evening..... What to do lol

Offline seeker

One at a time .
One today
On tomorrow. ..you get the idea  :D

Right decision made ...booking confirmed for this evening......

Offline Jake1980

She looks nice, look forward to the review it may even make me make the effort to get through to Glasgow

Yeah could be the same girl.....she looks cute....

Just out from my booking....OMG  :D :dance: :yahoo: :kissgirl: ...guys this girl is amazing she is nearly 6th in her heels has legs that go on for ever and a tasty pussy and an ass to die for ....and I'm honestly not being over dramatic when i say she looks like a Russian supermodel with lips that you just can't stop kissing.

A really friendly girl.....OWO, great kissing, great personality, amazing tight pussy...i have to stick my neck out and say she is probably the best looking racially and body wise girl i have seen...only negative is I'm a boob man and her boobs are good with nice responsive nipples but i prefer bigger and all for £60 or £100 for hour...she is here till Tue night and I will get up a review shortly.... Don't miss this one she is a def POSITIVE... Shes that good that  in my car typing this lol...

Offline seeker

Nice to see you have found your ipad Taz.
So which car was it in  :)

Offline seeker

So was it oliwia you went to see ...out of the three ..
might take a stroll up her path tomorrow  :P

Seeker iPad was in the Ferrari :thumbsup: and I hadn't used it in the snow so picked it up tonight.

Yeah went to see Oilivia .....Seeker ....wow wow wow ..,,she is hot and offers a great service .....you should def go and see her .....she really is stunning.

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