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Author Topic: Mena32d  (Read 2167 times)

Offline ianp1976


I am trying to find information on a girl who used the AW profile name of Mena32d  Her profile "can not be presented at this time" not sure if that means something different to no longer on AW.

She has contacted me on a reverse booking and advised me she is on Kik Messanger, I am not and no idea what this is but I was intrigued to find out more about her.

Has anyone seen her or know how to contact her.



Offline blue80

I've not heard of her before but KIK is a chat message type thing on your phone

It's similar to what's app but with KIK you don't have to have the other persons phone number it works via a user ID so yours could be Ianp1976 for example - you can message other people and exchange pictures etc

It would only work on a smartphone as it's an app that's downloaded

Any update on mena32d? I tried contact via kik spoke a couple of days via the app and then radio silence.

Offline bestpunt

I have corresponded with her I vaguely remember.. A couple of pics but she never messaged me back

She's from down south I think..try your luck you never know she looked hot

I did make contact via kik, we chatted a few days and then she stopped messaging and responding. She says she's new to the game. I'm wondering if she's just a tease.

This woman is a time waster, agrees to a meet and greet first before playtime and does a no show. Avoid guys.

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