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Author Topic: MILF DORA  (Read 2186 times)

Went to see Milf Dora few weeks back, after deliberating for a while, at first her face pics put me off.
But I'm a sucker for a good price, nearness and untouched up naked pics haha.




She's based in Bearwood/Smethwick, her english isn't too great but she's pretty friendly, as I mentioned before her face is a bit of a turn off, loads of make up and she's probably about 40, but her body is great, petit and slim, curves in the right places, smellt good and I got the impression she shared the flat with another girl.
Servicewise she lacked a bit of passion but she was good at sucking & her pussy was really warm and wet, so it really didn;t take me long to cum. I would have liked to have tried anal and cim, since thats on her likes, so may go back for that.

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Should this not be in the review section?

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