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This was a one hour incall, with the price as indicated on her AW profile.


The encounter was planned well in advance of this week and all communication with Eva has been excellent throughout. I got the address minus the property number the night before via a text message and I phoned her just before the appointment for the actual address.


A nice place which was perfect for the meeting. The location is easy to find with plenty of public transport links and parking.


DFK, OWO, RO, 69, CIM, sex (missionary and doggy)


Eva let me in to the property and when I set eyes upon her I thought she was very attractive: petite, with beautiful dark eyes and lovely long dark hair. As much as I hate using American idioms, the word 'bootylicious' does spring to mind when you clock her amazing bum and hips and she has a nice pair of boobs too. She was wearing black underwear and heels and I couldn't wait to get my hands on her....

The paperwork was sorted and she led me to the bedroom. I asked if I could have a quick shower so she showed me to the bathroom and how to operate the shower. There was shower gel and she provided a clean towel.

On returning to the bedroom, Eva was lying on the bed with her legs spread and fingering herself through her underwear. I didn't need any further invitation and pounced on her. She begs to be kissed and we certainly did, in fact we didn't stop throughout the hour. I also enjoyed sucking on her lovely nipples and touching her boobs throughout the visit. I went down on her which she seemed to enjoy as much as I did and then she returned the favour on me; she is very skillful at this. After some 69 and Eva working her magic on me I had to cum, which she took in her mouth.  After cleaning up and a brief rest we were back in to it, with her giving me OWO again and deep throating me before more RO on her with her coming at the end. I said I wanted to fuck her so she put a condom on me and I took her in missionary. The sex was very passionate with lots of DFK, neck kissing and so on..I got very carried away and put her legs over my shoulders so that I could thrust deeper inside her. After some time we changed positions to doggy where I banged her nice and hard and fast until she said she was cumming, so I did too. It took me a good few minutes for me to recover from all of this, my heart was pounding at the end.

Eva and I chatted for a few minutes while I calmed down and I got to know her a bit better. After this we jumped in the shower together, I dried off, got ready and departed.


All in all a great second punt (well third as I saw Honey again before Eva); she's a lovely, friendly lady who knows how to please, is very passionate and was beautifully presented. Eva is first rate in every way and is highly recommended. I will definitely see her again.

8 review(s) found for Eva Belo linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline johnny34

Great review thanks.

Looks like i'm going to have to wait before i can see her as shes fully booked at the minute & then away for a little while according to her profile.

Excellent review, glad to hear you had a good time with her. She's ace.

Yes I really enjoyed seeing her and you're right she's away from the end of next week to the end of the month.

I'm going to see some other girls before visiting Eva and Honey again....that's if my wallet doesn't go in to meltdown beforehand.....

Offline spartan

Great review. I'm glad you had a good time.

I'm interested in seeing eva or honey. Which would you say was the better punt? Thanks

Offline Bengeo13

Eva or Honey? It's almost too close to call!
But my choice would be Honey!

Eva or Honey? It's almost too close to call!
But my choice would be Honey!

I would second that :thumbsup:

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