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https://www.adultwork.com/1607887 or https://www.adultwork.com/Ashley%2DGfe

After a successful punt with her friend sexylucy94, I tried booking Lucy again but she was unavailable, last minute thought I'd try to book Ashley instead, done successfully, booked and with her in her room within 5 mins, proper last minute stuff.....

I would say her friend Lucy is better looking but none the less ashleygfe is attractive too in a different way, tall, skinny and pretty small boobs.

Again steep prices at 50 for 15 mins but I persuaded myself thinking that I only had time for 15 mins so even if I had booked with diamonds or amour for 30 mins I'd still pay 50 and be out in 15 mins.

Anyway onto the punt,,, totally opposite to sexylucy94, as she says herself that they are friends and totally opposite. Into the bedroom, and I undress myself she does the same, and then she wipes my cock, nice and slowly so I didn't mind. She drops to her knees looks up at me and says 'i love giving blowjobs' slowly kisses the tip of my cock until its hard and in one swift movement swallows it whole,, it was really good! She asks me to move next the mirror so I can watch properly and then gives me amazing owo porn style.. Deep throat, slapping herself in the face, slow then fast, amazing.

I ask for the condom and we have sex in mish.... After a while I come and then she says I wanted to go ontop and fuck you,,, I was like eh? I didn't understand her reasoning behind this comment... Anyway paid her gave her a kiss and I was off.

Another good appointment  :)

Although she should change her name,,, because it wasn't gfe,,, if you want that see her friend, sexylucy94, Ashley's more of a pse blow job specialist.

2 review(s) found for Ashley-Gfe linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline jack-chan

Have never been one for EE`s, think the Rom`s have got them all tarred with the same brush. the Czechs seem to be sound!
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (jack-chan, NEMagpie)

Offline ollie52

Ashley told me she is going back home this week so gonna have to be quick.

Offline Trelf

Banning reason: Touting agency, Trolling others who post negatives about that agency and slagging off UKPunting using different identity

No good for you HC.....flat sharing.  :(

HCs stance will mean he cant fuck some of the best as they always flat share, plus the sharing does not have to be at the same time, one on Mon and another on Tue will make it flat sharing in the eyes of the law

Offline Toshiba

No good for you HC.....flat sharing.  :(

My stance on flat sharing was never about the law although not great to get caught i admit, it was about my privacy with the girl, just me and yes i may miss out especially with diamonds who have some new stunners on the books but its just me wanting comfort and no distractions of punters in and out of the door

Was not having a go at you, sorry if it came across that way :)

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