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Author Topic: Catalina at Latinas Taunton  (Read 1030 times)

1 review(s) for PRINCESS CATALINA (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline winsaw

as a few have been asking for a review of this girl and latinas has been reviewed before and it's still as good i will just talk Catalina, what can i say she is a bit of a star, one of the better punts you will have,
she is beautiful, her tits are really nice and i enjoyed sucking on her big nipples, she is very good at OWO and really like giving a nice prostate massage, and when i got round to fucking her my god that is a tight pussy, i finished off with her wanking me off all over her tits, she speaks really good english as well which is a real plus,
she is there for 1 more week and then back again in March and i will see her again  :)


1 review(s) found for PRINCESS CATALINA linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

I had to pop into Taunton, so I gave her a call and saw her. I'll not do another review, since I'll echo what Winsaw said.

I had a borderline neutral visit with her, but just about positive.

Easy to find place and plenty of parking. Nice desceat entrance.

Cat was stunning, slim, great tits and ass, and really good looking, I mean, rally hot! I was there for 30 mins, OWO, so paid £80. She took me to the bathroom and washed my cock, which stated things off nicely.

In the bedroom, she stripped off, with an amazing body, tanned all over, no tattoos. She got on her knees and started blowing me, good technique and enthusiastic. She laid on the bed and I gave her a muff dive, she was really responsive to this. She got on all fours and have her a good rimming, then on with a jonny and some doggy. Felt great and she got a good rhythm going. Switched to 69, which again, was great. More doggy before I finished on her tits.

Down sides, no kissing, at all! I'd of liked missionary, but with no kissing, it would have been awkard. When I was giving her RO, she wouldn't let me finger her. And when I finished on her tits, she held her hand up to shield her face, she defo did not want any on her face... It was a little off putting. But, overall, a cracking girl and a just above average punt.

Gorgeous girl
Pretty responsive
Tight post
Let me platy with her bum hole, which I love

No kissing
No fingering
Defiantly don't get cum near her face

I'd see her again though. She told me she in Spain for three weeks or so and then back.

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