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Author Topic: Anyone have a gf or close female friend that escorts?  (Read 1096 times)

Offline cunninglinguist

I recently discovered that a close friend of mine (with benefits) has gone back to escorting, after doing it for a little while last year.  I was wondering if any other guys are in the same boat, I'm pulling my hair out with worry sometimes, I hate that she does it but at the same time
I realise that there is nothing that I can do to stop her, and I don't plan to.

The additional problem is that she's absolutely fucking gorgeous, and she really loves her fun so getting bookings really isn't going to be a problem for her.  The good thing is that she won't do bareback (although she will with me), so I'm happy in some ways that she is considering her health.  I am just looking to hear from guys that are in a similar positions, and I'm just wondering how you cope?  It's driving me mental, the thoughts of rejection (for example, why would she want to fuck other guys when I'm available?).  She tells me that she sees sex differently to most people…

Of course I would love to get her out of it, but I know I can't force her or talk her out of it, that will drive her away.  I'm 43, shes 21 so she's got a lot of sexual energy to expend at the moment, she's always horny, doesn't actually do it for the money, as she's independently wealthy, does it purely for the fun.  I don't really know what my best course of action is, apart from just to do nothing.  I'm guessing that this is the only thing that I can do.  She always comes to me to talk and we always talk at least once a day.  I support her fully in what she wants to do and I've told her this as well.  I also know that she would turn down clients for me so I'm kind of hoping that will be something that will work on my favour.  The trouble is as well that currently she lives in a different city to me so its hard for me to get to see her regularly.  This is something that will change soon though.  Any advice gratefully received.

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1) That's your third account despite the clear warning on the registration page not to create more than one account
2) Common topic for trolls - "my friend is prossying what am I to do" - answer is none of your business
3) Sound like fantasist, try the other sites where they love to be gullible and give you 'advice' on your fantasy

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