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Author Topic: Removing bad feedback?  (Read 434 times)

I've noticed on occasion some girls who are scammers are able to remove bad feedback without changing profile or hiding there feedback. One below is a classic case. She has been reviewed on here and on the blacklist. Last week two more bad feedbacks after being robbed by her boyfriend.... Obviously the punters arn't on this forum so would have known. Feedback back to zero. Don't trust AW anyway but can't see how they can do it???  :unknown:


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Offline sushi

Shes got this one...

Negative    yeoyeo (1)    31/12/2014 07:48    Seeking Services
     not what i wanted take the money and run
Disputed:    The man wanted a service i dnt offer called me a slag pushed me to the floor then walked out the door! needs removing from site i dnt no how to warn the ladies

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