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Author Topic: Reviews  (Read 389 times)

I have tried searching for an answer to the question I am about to ask but there were so many results about all aspects of reviews that I couldn't find what I was specifically looking for. Anyway, here's the question. If you review a girl once and you book her again, is it best to do a new review - which could be informative from the perspective of how she deals with a returning punter ? Then if there was a third visit, subsequent visits could be added to the second thread. Or should all visits from a second visit onwards be added to the original thread ? Or does it not really matter ?

Offline Marmalade

Maybe Adam or Nik can advise but I don't think it matters that much as long as you are honest about it. People judge reviews on the quality though.

Offline Admin

  • Site Owner
A new review thread can be created for each new punt.
In the past subsequent reviews had to be appended to your existing review thread, but that rule was dropped as it caused so much confusion.

But while you can create new review threads for the same girl, creating like 5 or more for the same girl in a single month would be excessive.
For example I don't want 100 reviews in 1 year from someone just because they punted her 100 times. That's taking the piss.

Thank you both for the feedback, especially Admin's clarification.

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