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Author Topic: Saved by UKP, again  (Read 1327 times)

Offline RedKettle

My OH today borrowed my laptop, very unusual.  Thanks to advice on here some time ago I have improved my security no end and I could relax in the knowledge that she would not stumble across anything.  Which as my balls are still in place I believe was the case.

Of course if the divorce papers arrive in the new year I will know otherwise.

Thanks UKP.

Offline raylondoner

Check she hasn't downloaded a logger or other stuff!


Does the account she used to log on have administrator access to the computer?

If so, reinstall Windows.  You have no idea what's running on there now.

Offline cueball

Oooo, it's a bit scary, a techno wife is more frightening than one wi common sense. Do what I do, leave the computer to her, get a tablet that's just your own, stick to it n keep her off it

Offline RedKettle

She is no techno and I think I am OK - password needed to install software.

Offline stayer

Any punter who has a wife or girlfriend should ensure that they have their own machine.

Even though I've nobody who could share my Windows 7 PC, I'm still very careful. A password is needed for logon, all sensitive files are encrypted and the drive I use for backup is protected by BitLocker.

Offline RedKettle

I have my own machine and she has her own.  However when she asks to borrow it to look something up when her computer is upstairs and mine is on my lap it is tricky to refuse without causing suspicion.  I think I got away with it!

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