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Author Topic: ~Lola-Lovell~ of AdultWork  (Read 1440 times)

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I booked Lola for a 1 hour incall. Price was £100.

She normally works in Yorkshire but tours up here every so often. The venue was a small hotel in Jesmond.

Communications were good. She texted me the whole address apart from the room number several days before the booking, then she texted me the room number just prior to the start of the booking.

There's parking right outside the hotel and it was a 10 minute walk from Jesmond metro station. The hotel wasn't the best but the room was clean and tidy if a little cramped.

Her photos are very misleading - I believe they're her but are old photos and she's a LOT bigger now. She looks nothing like the sexy girl in the pics (even the ones where she's bigger).

I like curvy girls but didn't find her body very attractive at all - the excess weight is all on her waist, hips and bum and she's just shapeless really. She's quite pretty facially but again her excess weight has had a negative impact on her facial attractiveness.

I really wish I'd walked, but in my defence she was wearing a dress that covered everything so I didn't get a decent look at her figure until it came off and by that time I'd already paid her. I gave her some black hold-ups to wear and she looked better in them.

I sorted the paperwork and jumped in the shower. There was shower gel and a clean towel.

Services: kissing (slight DFK), OWO, tit wank, reverse O, 69, sex (missionary, doggy), cum on tits. Doesn't do CIM.

The biggest problem for me was her hygiene. He breath smelled rather stale and she was a bit whiffy downstairs - a mixture of sweat, piss and unclean pussy. It was mid-morning and she clearly hadn't washed since getting up.

She wasn't keen on kissing, especially DFK (though this was probably a blessing in disguise). OWO was good as was her tit wank. She was responsive during reverse O - the smell wasn't too bad when she was lying on her back so I persevered, but was worse when we got into 69 (I probably had my nose too close to her bum) so at that point I stopped immediately. To be fair her pussy felt good during the sex. She refused CIM so I came on her boobs instead.

I got another shower and departed.

She was a friendly enough girl but the misleading photos and bad hygiene were totally unacceptable and I wouldn't return.

1 review(s) found for ~Lola-Lovell~ linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline johnny34

Thanks for the review Prof.

Misleading Pics, older & bigger than stated. Defo a No from me.
I think i would have used the 'i've left my wallet in the car' excuse & fucked off.

Offline baresi

hope you remembered to ask for your hold ups back

Offline Toshiba

Why dont they have the decency to wash their cunts?

The dirty fucker, no need for it

Sorry to here this Prof

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