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Author Topic: XXhot_amyXX WOW.....  (Read 3317 times)

6 review(s) for xxhot amyxx (5 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

 https://www.adultwork.com/1530082 or https://www.adultwork.com/xxhot%5Famyxx

Well I'm withering between this being a neutral or positive punt......and my decision was based on the value for money aspect as £80 for a half hour is above what I usually pay......but thinking back over the punt I enjoyed it, she was hot as fuck, sucked liked a Dyson, had nipples like bullets....so in reflection it's def a positive.

Noticed the profile yesterday but was planning a punting break ...however woke up today feeling horny as fuck...but the GF starts her 4dys of working .....she is in the medical profession...so had to kick plan 2 into action.

Read a review on here and it talked of her hot body, that plus her 172 rating on AW and decided to risk it. Called earlier and agreed to meet this evening.....asked her to wear sexy high heels and a really short dress and commando and she agreed.

Flat was situated in the infamous Wallace Street which wasnt ideal but my cock was ruling my head ....ended up good comms and got into flat easily but it's some mess .....Amy opened the door and no issues with any neighbours whilst getting to the flat. Flat itself was ok room was dimly lit with a bed but was warm enough.

Amy was hot ...I would rate her face about 7/10 as she was definatley about 32 as stated in her profile. However her body I would rate as 10/10 great legs, sexy and dainty size 3 feet, flat stomach with no stretch marks and boobs were amazing.....great size and she had nipples like bullets....she had no issues with sucking and biting them.

After a quick shower in the plain bathroom (I was not impressed) back in the room and Amy grabbed me literally she seemed horny as fuck .....this girl does porn style kissing she was licking sucking and biting my lips ...WOW...by this time I was hard as fuck. Amy had unzipped my trouser and was playing and wanking me off with her hands whilst we kissed......she turned round and leaned over the bed and was pushing her bare ass against my bare cock....Wow....this girl knows how's to tease.

Moved onto the bed and Amy lay back and opened her legs and demanded I lick out her pussy....I'm used to more of a GFE experience but liked the ordering.....got my head buried into her pussy.....now it might just have been the excitement but her pussy tasted amazing :wacko: .....her pussy is tiny.....I struggled to get 2 fingers inside her......I licked away as Amy fingered her pussy ....this was a good 10mins and we were really both in the rhythm only popping up for a snog and suck of her nipples......then she clasped my head between her legs and I'm sure she squirted ....her pussy was soaking as she sounded like she came......I kept licking and she became all sensitive that let me know it was for real.

After this she got naked and we lay down together, she covered her hand in gel and wanked me off as we were both kissed and I sucked her tits and bit her nipples the she moved down and started OWO this girl is an expert cock sucker she was spitting ...gagging ...deep throating me...damn I was about to come and had to ask her to stop.....by this point she was really fingering herself and asking me to fuck her hard....I slowed thins down a bit to compose myself......slipped off her high heels to reveal really small sexy feet.....they were freshly washed and i suck her toes...she put on some oils on her feet and let me fuck her feet for a few mins.....wow real porn star stuff...and for me who has a foot fetish it was a dream.

Got on my back as she put on the hood and said I to me she was going to go on top and ride me hard....fuck she bounced and fucked my cock hard.....I had to hold onto her hips to get a bit of control....the sight of her perfect boobs and that great body and it didn't take long....I filled the bag hard and she sent my body into a shiver.....she slid off and lay next to me panting hard.....and started with some more passionate kissing....said she hadn't been fucked hard that day and really needed a good seeing to and thanked me......damn even I was impressed by myself.

Amy cleaned me up and we lay for a few mins cuddling and talking I was still having a horny feel of her ass an body and stroking her nipples...she was laughing and said no more as my time was up lol....I couldn't have managed another shot even if I wanted I was finished lol.

Cleaned up and dressed and was shown out...she was still naked as she walked me to the door, I was behind her and got another good look at her body...wow she has a great body and before she opened the door I got another grope of her boobs and suck of her nipples ....she was laughing as I couldn't let go lol.

Great punt and just what I need a hard fucking and cock sucking session from a hot bodied polish girl....especially as my norm is a gentle GFE experience......Amy is here only for a couple of days, she then said she is off to Aberdeen then back to Glasgow for few days. I told her the flats she was in are dodgy and explained the issues...she said that she had wondered why so many guys didn't show after she told them the address. Amy said she is going to ensure she get a different flat when she is back just after the new year.

Now as you can see the punt itself was fucking awesome but for £80 it was steep....if Amy hadn't been so fucking horny and had such a fucking hot body and almost raped me  :yahoo: I would have classed this as a Neutral but the way it played out I left with a big smile on my face and actually enjoyed the orders she was giving me......give her a go...I believe she is a lot dirtier than I even experienced so go in give her a try........overall a POSITIVE for me  :D  :yahoo: :diablo:

6 review(s) found for xxhot amyxx linked to in above post (5 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

TJ ...I got a strange feeling she would be right up your street.....

Offline JazzMan

I'll read it tomorrow.
Off to bed now.
Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Go on have a read and you can then have a wank fantasising about my great fucking session lol

What's the problem with the Wallace St flats? Been in there many a time and never had an issue. I know they aren't worth much cash now but from a punting perspective what's the issues? Maybe I've just been lucky.

Offline Sailormack

What's the problem with the Wallace St flats? Been in there many a time and never had an issue. I know they aren't worth much cash now but from a punting perspective what's the issues? Maybe I've just been lucky.

Full of lowlifes mate  :hi:

Yeah some of the empty flats were given as council temp accommodation and they got trashed....also the block has appeared in so many newspaper articles about being hooker central........just means if you get seen there then you got no excuses .....

But for me it was worth it for this punt..... :yahoo:

Tazman reading your review, I kind of want to see her, so if she is free Im going to book her, if everything you say, she does, she sound like a right little raver

its the kissing bit, I like full on

Yeah she was full on ....real porn star kissing and I loved it....

I know she said she is in Ireland for a few days the back in Scotland for a few days after that

I know she said she is in Ireland for a few days the back in Scotland for a few days after that

I sent her a email, which has now been read, and looking for booking Jan 2015, a the moment to busy with work

Offline Hibernian

I saw her when she was in Glasgow recently. Thought she was great with a nice quirky confident personality. Great body. Very good punt. Hope to see her when she's back. I don't know Wallace Street too well but thought parking etc was OK.

Amy is back in Glasgow..... I think another visit is in order as I enjoyed the first one so much...... :dance:

Offline seeker

Has she put her rates up  :scare: :scare:
I she says she has in her answers and questions. 8th
There I was just about to tinkle her mobile
That's what happens when we give them too much
Exposure  :thumbsdown:

Rates are unchanged from my visit ...still £80 for half hour?

Yeah the rates going up must refer to her normal working place where she stays......

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