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Author Topic: Katie of First Choice Leisure  (Read 2399 times)

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Was a last minute decision after a boring day decided to end it with some action.. wasn't much else about at 1.30am so decided to pop i to first choice based on Whitchurch Rd.. been here many times over the years and have had some great times.. just the odd time wasters but overall place is quite nice and recently seems to be some fit looking bangers in there.. anyway chose Katie as she sounded Welsh.. but she is not.. standard service quick rub down.. then asked to turn over.. she then proceeded to fondle Mr floppy whilst talking. . After a minute or so he decided to wake up and she offered covered oral which was ok.. she kind of sets you up to expect top quality but then delivers standard service.. not that i would expect anything more from a walk in.. anyway.. after stroking her tits a little she asked if I wanted more sucking or did I want to resume to the next stage.. asked her to get on top.. which she was happy to do.. bit of bouncing around while I stroked and fondled her tits.. quite nice.. then quick change of position into missionary until I shot my load.. overall an ok bang and quite sexy looking.. polite and easy to talk to.. but did feel a little mechanical as expected.. I did ask her for my change.. maybe that could have been the reason.. I didn't check it but later in Spar the assistant returned a 1 euro coin back to me.. so she ripped me off a while quid.. bitch.. all in all I would fuck her again.. but there was a very nice looking girl who let me in that should have been my first choice as the name of the place suggests.. so will be popping back if I get bored one late evening in the coming days..

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Yo man, just a quick heads up. Popped over tonight, first time there and was seriously happy. Can't quite remember the name of the girl though, uh ultra petite brunette (5"2). If you go and she's around you'll know which one! Not mechanical, which i was actually expecting. Didn't have high expectations at all but she was insanely good. I reckon Cardiff is a bit lacking at the moment, on the escort front, but for the cash and experience, i'll be going again!

 Anymore info in the petite girl, age, tit size services etc?

uh no idea about age, she looks mid twenties. Tits are small to average, if you're a big tit man, then wont be your cup o tea. If you're a fan of petites, you'll be happy. Service was pretty chill, wasn't rushed which i always count as a plus.  hj/oral then few different 3 positions. Put good effort into faking enjoyment without going ott, recommended, still can't remember the bloody name though.

Offline benski

Just reporting gents, the petite lass is no longer at FCL, went today and enquired and was told she was only there a few days, I asked if she'd be back, the girl said she didn't know. :(

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