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Author Topic: Sexxy Arianna or Mariah Sexy  (Read 334 times)

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Offline CBPaul

Having had unbelievable horn for several days, which wanking did nothing to ease and whilst trying to get a booking with a reliable prossie at a time to suit us both I decided to try a slightly new punting method.

AW had sod all decent looking profiles which are also reviewed on here AND available at short notice over the last couple of days. So, decided to look at an old haunt, a hotel outside Cambridge which has considerably fewer prossies than it did a couple of years ago. 2 Romanian profiles and a couple of unknown EE highly dodgy looking profiles. The place is on my route home and I knew I was going back to an empty house so my rule of not going straight home could be ignored this time.

Decided on this one for a 40 quid cum dump with a wank traveling to the hotel. 

https://www.adultwork.com/2639436 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexxy+Ariana

Text exchange, confirmed what I would supposedly get for 40 quid, agreed time and all systems go.

Get to hotel, phoned and spoke to a female and was told 'I text you room number hun' After 5 minutes I'm getting impatient and starting to realise that my bladder was well and truly full and quite frankly I could do with using her bog more than anything else. Wander over to a neighbouring service area, take a leak and return to the car - still no text. Phoned again, finally got the truth that she had only just arrived at the hotel and was going to the room to which I said no text in 5 minutes and I'm going.

Sure enough I got the text and headed off to the room. What greeted me was the most disinterested prossie I've met since street punting days, possibly the girl in the picture but looking worse for wear and down right miserable. Thinking this has gone from 50/50 to less than 10% chance of parting with my cash I decided to see how far I could push things - kissing - NO, anal - NO (not into anal but what the heck), basically it's on with a condom, quick suck, she would bend over, I would fuck her and then bugger off. This was conveyed as 'I suck, you fuck, condom condom'. At no point did she look up from her phone. At that point point I turned and left, as I opened the door she did look up from her phone and said 'where you go baby' to which the only answer I could think of was 'home to pull the pud again'

I would also say this profile is the same prossie, right body, right height, same clothing, dead ringer.

using https://www.adultwork.com/2758401 or https://www.adultwork.com/Mariah+Sexy

Nothing wasted apart from 15 minutes or so, punting cash still in pocket, and resolve to turn and walk in place and working.
OK, I didn't relieve the pressure build up in my nads but did for my bladder which would have given out before reaching home, so this time I took the piss rather than the scabby prossie.

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