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So after trying for nearly 3 weeks to meet with Sammie and almost at the point of giving up I finally managed to get a date with Sammie booked and boy am I glad for my patience. Sammie ran a little late but the comms when actually letting me know were good and was not a problem for me as it was a little last minute booking on my part as well.
The venue was a hotel in the West of Swindon which was discreet and out of the way no real trouble getting to. I had booked a 2 hr incall as was looking for a no rush long experience.
Sammie greeted me at the door in a bra and knickers with a little skirt on, was very welcoming and put me at ease as I was a little nervous.
So anyway don't want to get into too much detail but was a very nice lap dance to start with which involved a lot of grinding and touching followed by some oral on me. Her blowjobs are out of this world and had me hard in no time at all. We moved onto the bed where there was some more oral and some 69 before Sammie put the first of 3 condoms on and slid on top. This woman is seriously tight and I popped my first load in a matter of minutes. After a brief chat and drink I moved on to the first of 4 oral sessions on Sammie as mentioned in another review Sammie has a tendency to move a lot while receiving oral but absolutely loved fingers inside of her. Its a bit of a shame as I love giving oral but I got the desired results I was after so it was only a minor niggle. She wanted me to put all 5 fingers inside her!! So after 3 blow jobs 3 pure fuck sessions (when she says she loves cocks inside her and being fucked hard she really means it) I took a shower and with the last 15 mins Sammie let me lick and finger her again. Really good punt really eccentric but in a good way and genuinely in my opinion loves to fuck I think if Sammie had her way she would have happily let me stay a little longer for a 4th round if I could have summoned up an already empty ball sack. 
When she says she likes to fuck hard she really means it.
Only things I will say would be she may be difficult to get hold of at first but stay with her. She has admitted she is bad at that side of things but when you actually do get a time and length of session down she does step up. Also she was always polite even if sporadic in replying initially. I know I will be going back and in Swindon you won't find many better in my opinion.

3 review(s) found for thesamesammie.j linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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