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Author Topic: Miss Zoe - Hendon (evening saved by Mimi of Sala Thai!)  (Read 2917 times)

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Offline johnnyboy61

https://www.adultwork.com/2667879 or https://www.adultwork.com/Miss+Zoe+x

A punting window opened up for a couple of hours from 7pm and after scouring AW it became obvious that with the forthcoming holidays many of the best girls in NW London seem to have gone back home before the flights get too expensive.  Having found a couple of possible punts by cross-referencing the AW profiles with UKP reviews I found that neither were working into the evening.

On to Plan C (or perhaps it was Plan H, with many of the best girls gone) and had decided I liked the look of the one picture of Miss Zoe on her profile, and although the little info there was of her on this site was not particularly encouraging decided to give it a go, rang just at 6pm and was told 7pm was fine.  Was texted street address and got there five minutes before and texted again for house no. 

So far encouraging as the comms had been pretty good, however, arrived at the door to be greeted by Devil Zara  https://www.adultwork.com/2769950 or https://www.adultwork.com/Devil+Zara+ who was clearly not Zoe, and in fact I would have never travelled to visit her.  When I observed that she wasn't Zoe (you would have to be blind to confuse the two!) she said that Zoe's previous customer had extended the booking.  I asked if Zoe was in the house and was told that she was, but that she wouldn't be free for an hour.  Stormed off complaining that they had wasted my time with the Devil Zara shouting something incomprehensible after me.  Don't know whether this was a true B&S or whether Zoe's previous customer had really extended the booking, however, he should have been told that it wasn't possible as another client had booked in. So no real alternative but to give a Negative review. If she really is here, perhaps someone who has seen her might care tell us how she was.

After a few phone calls in the car after looking up profiles on AW I was now getting desperate (and possibly about to make a huge mistake in my urgency to find a girl) and was looking as if I had wasted the one definite punting opportunity over the next couple of weeks. I then remembered the reviews of Sala Thai in Hendon Central and headed the short distance down the A41.  Arrived and booked an hour's massage and was told that Mimi was available; suddenly things were looking up as I remembered she was very highly spoken of on the UKP Sala Thai thread.  This was no disappointment as Mimi is an absolute stunner and quickly realised that I was after extras (probably indicated by the fact that I stood facing her starkers as she came back into the room), turning the evening from being a complete waste of time into one of the most memorable of 2014, even though it was one without FS.
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3 review(s) found for Gorgeous Lana x linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)
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Offline SamLP

Sorry to hear about the B&S, and it is a B&S. The story they spun is a lie. If you phoned 40 minutes before arriving you either didn't speak to Zoe or she's running a conveyor belt and had a half hour booking straight after talking to you only for it to be extended by an hour once you arrived. I think she works in the same house in Mill Hill as Adriana who I had seen previously. Had a few punts with her, one very good, the other very rushed and another B&S. They swap profiles a lot too. Zara is a new addition, I haven't seen her profile previously.

Glad you had a good end to the day with Mimi though  :thumbsup:

Offline The_Don

Sorry to her of the B&S, but it worked out!

when you have time please post links and or a review to the other W/G


The Don

Offline johnnyboy61

Hi The Don, well as I didn't actually get as far as visiting them I can't give a review.  Petite Angel of Harrow was one of them - well reviewed on here and hope to see her at sometime soon.  The other was a recommendation from a member here by PM who I think didn't want the girl widely advertised in case like Xena she became too busy for him to see, so out of respect to him (especially as I have yet to meet her) I don't think it fair to share her yet.
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