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Author Topic: Where is Jazmine from Busty London Escorts gone?  (Read 790 times)

Offline jason26

Trust me guys if you are into the exotic look with a tight fit body this girl was perfect. She had luscious lips and a very pretty face. She used to be with the same agency as Busty Bella and worked at the same hotel in South Kensington. I am gonna write up a review on her as she was probably in my top 3 punts of 2014. :yahoo: Sadly her profile has disappeared and I can't seem to find her anywhere.  :(

This is the group;http://groups.adultwork.com/Busty+London+Escorts or http://groups.adultwork.com/15930
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Offline Jason

Jason responds to another Jason...

I know which girl you are referring to: Jazmin is a very beautiful 19y.o Hungarian girl who also worked as a professional stripper, a 8.9-9.0/10 facially in my beauty scale. I saw her in mid-late October , just a few days after the creation of her profile in the Candy Cart (CC) - the well-known block of serviced apartments in SW3. I went to see her in a flash as she was displaying a verification picture back then that caught my eye.

Anyway Jazmin’s profile has now changed hands and passed to pornstar Black Diamond. Her profile was Jazmin.xx: https://www.adultwork.com/2688195 but now that has changed hands has been renamed to: Black.Diamond: https://www.adultwork.com/2688195 . The pictures currently displayed on the profile do belong to Black Diamond (NOT to Jazmin) so fair enough. As far as I know Jazmin has left UK and has been away since early Nov. 2014 -- perhaps left for good although she may return at some point in the future – I hope not the distant one…
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