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Author Topic: Grace VIP  (Read 1275 times)

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This was the first time that I had used an agency, let alone visited a WG half my age but I decided to treat myself to something different for Xmas ... and am I glad I did

First the negatives. I got to the appointed place and rang the number, was put on hold and stood there like a lemon for 10 minutes alternately trying the land and mobile contacts that I had been given, I was now feeling conspicuous and was considering calling it off. I headed away, looked at my phone to find a message from Grace saying that she couldn't find me. I rang and told her what had happened and I headed back to the appointed place. After another 2 or 3 minutes a young girl in Pyjamas and dressing gown let me in and took me in the (really slow) lift to the VIP apartment, she was EE looked rough and had no conversation to put me at ease. Eventually the door opened to reveal a modern loft apartment and down the far end stood Grace ... drop dead gorgeous. My only other gripe is that I requested no perfume, black stockings, short skirt and boots or heels. Grace, as delightful as she was was not wearing perfume (had she been I would have walked) but was in nice pink stockings, lovely underwear and a lace dressing gown with nothing on her feet.

She led me up a flight of stairs and stepped up and over into a lovely spacious bedroom with lovely classical music playing, 2 mini bottles of wine and a couple of cans of coke on the bedside and a good supply of condoms

We chatted, she put me at ease and we shared long kisses before she undressed me, hung my clothes in the wardrobe and we shared the oral duties (she excels at OWO) before slipping on a condom and slipping into her ... until the peace was shattered by a phone call from my wife (which panicked the hell out of me) Once dealt with Grace calmed me down and reinvigorated my flagging ardour with much skill and we continued

My time with Grace certainly will not be my last, just about to try and book round 2

She is a witty and intelligent young lady and stunningly beautiful and definitely worth the trouble


Online badsin

I tried to book Grace over the weekend, but her available times were all a bit too late for me.
Could you give us a brief description of her figure, looks, and tits please - as VIP always seem to be 'very' generous with their descriptions?.

Offline travbisman

That's two of us now that enjoyed Grace!

Her personality for me made it! I want to book again sometime before christmas but it is so hard to find time! :unknown:

Banning reason: Touting

5'5" long brown hair, slim figure with huge fake tits which were quite hard to the touch

Maybe not model looks but not far off ... I would say gorgeous

and a really nice personality

Offline travbisman

I'm glad I wasn't the only person happy with Grace! I wish a few more people would share their opinion about her!

To me i've only heard good things and i'm going to book her again in the new year!
Banning reason: Touting

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