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Author Topic: Lauren at Maxes?  (Read 906 times)

Offline Frandan10

Hey all,

Has anyone had the pleasure of visiting the new girl Lauren at Maxes Angels?

Offline handyandy

I know of one guy who booked her for an incall, he turned up, she opened the door, he took one look and walked.
Haven't seen her myself but on the strength of that I'm unlikely to. Apparently she has very manly features.
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Offline Frandan10

That's enough to put me off too. Cheers mate.

Offline Frandan10

What about the other new girl Jessica? Anyone visited her?

Offline Stonecold

Her new pics make her seem even more manly. She is a butterface judging by her pics.

Offline Frandan10

I'm still tempted to try her coz of her body, and all services seem to be on offer!

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