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Author Topic: Juicy oriental thai - Peterborough  (Read 7774 times)

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Offline mattboro

My Monday started of with a mare had my eyes on a meet with a couple of ladies from my Hotlist outside the Peterborough area due to the lack of talent within, fortunately i didn't get replies from my first and second choice girls and thought i had wasted a day off when i done the usual search 15 miles within PE1 and came across the following:


I know how these places work as in the girls change every week however i text to confirm that Nicky as per the picture was available which i got the reply of "Yes" i then thought i'd take my chances and confirm that A levels were on the menu, and normally with Asians on AW it's on the profile however I've yet to meet an Asian who actually does Anal until now.

So the location is at a set of flats 2 mins walk from the football ground parking isn't the easiest due to it being a busy area however i managed to park just.  However there are carparks in the area for example at the key theater if you can't get parked.

Anyways back to the punt communication via text was fine, and i was directed to the flat all in good time.  Beeped into the flat where i was met by another girl who happened to be going in side at the same time, strange but felt at ease.  I was then met by Nicky who showed me into one of the bedrooms and was asked how long i wanted and if i wanted any extras.  I went for a hour at £100 and asked again about Anal and was advised that it was an extra £40 which was expect, the good part i like was she did say if i was too big or it hurt to much she would refund the £40.  The other extra i was offered was owo i think for an extra £20 but i passed on this as i don't think its worth it just personal preference. 

So the meet started off with the usual massage, baby oil was used now if you want to be discreet from her indoors you may want to pass on the oil as when i got home i could smell it a mile away.  Massage i would give 8/10 although i felt a bit beaten up worth it though, then on with a handjob followed by OW and then Nicky climb on for a ride wow is all i can say as expected from the pics and profile she was as tight as expected and came moaning as we continued in multi positions until i came about 30 mins into it.  We then had a 5-10 min chat about random stuff before she got me stiff as aboard again, she then climb on top again before then asking it we should try Anal.  She said she isn't used to Anal so we should go slow to start, within 2 mins i was banging away full pelt to moans and groans she seemed to like it but to be honest i was trying to concentrate on not popping to early.  We then change position and ended up getting wanked off in a ton of lube, however was unable to pop a second time although she did say she would try and catch it in her mouth.

Defiantly worth a punt with Nicky although shes only in Peterborough until Friday then shes back off to Basingstoke.

So about Nicky:
She looks better than the pictures on the profile i think she has a Nicole Scherzinger look going on.
She Aged 31 but could pass as a young to mid 20's
Very slim, small tits and both holes are tight as. 
Her energy levels are really high and she a none clock watcher.

The only downside if there was a downside is you can her other punters coming and going, and mobiles going off every 5 mins in other room but this shouldn't be a show stopping for any reason.

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Online webpunter

Had you not wrote a balanced review [+ your other was a -ve] then with this spelling i'd be thinking bit of a fake.  As its the fave AW girlie mis-spelling.  Will let you off as a good read & tells it how most punts go.  A bit like MOTD2 on a sunday "Two Good, Two Bad"

Offline mattboro

Must be a week for Anal   :lol:  yep definitely Anal.   I didn't see Lawro though

Offline mattboro

Just to confirm, links I've attached has changed to a different girl.

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