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Author Topic: Beauty-Issa Colchester  (Read 815 times)

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Booked through AW.
Good communication prior to the meet.
Nice very clean flat, easy parking, Issa gives you the parking spot number when you arrive.

Well what can I say that has not already been said of this girl.
She is an absolute dream ! Stunningly beautiful with a warm personality to match.
She does everything to make you relaxed and have a good time.
I love kissing and boy does she know how to kiss, sensual/ wet with plenty of tongue work  just how I like it.
Her pussy is a dream as well, with lovely labia lips and so sweet tasting.
During 69 position I was just in heaven, Issa really knows how to suck cock and having her do this while my tongue was buried in her pussy and my nose pressed up against her anus was totally amazing.
Penetration was cow girl position,I love this position, she is very tight and I knew I wouldn't last long before popping and it wasn't long lol.
My orgasms are explosive and totally drain me, I knew I wouldn't manage a second pop, but it didn't matter !

Issa didn't instantly slide off me after I had cum, instead lent forward and kissed while I was still inside her, a lovely touch, a real GF touch.

I knew I wouldn't manage a second round, but Issa didn't stop trying to get me hard again, so wish I could recover quicker.

But as I said, it didn't matter !

Issa is special , treat her as such !

27 review(s) found for Beauty_ISSA linked to in above post (27 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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