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Author Topic: Diamondintheruff xx A.K.A Vicki Nottingham City Center (In-call)  (Read 4087 times)

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Offline Jackjones

Name: Diamondintheruff xx A.K.A Vicki

Location: Nottingham city centre, 15mins Tax ride from train station (less than £8)

Time: 1.5 hour

Price: £200

Link: https://www.adultwork.com/1538432 or https://www.adultwork.com/Diamondintheruff+xx

My second visit to see this girl, my first being two weeks before hand and yes she was good so had to go back and make sure it was more then just first time thrill and happy i did as it was!

Vicki greeted me at the door dressed as i had requested in a Tight T-shirt, G-string, fishnet stockings and suspenders with nice stripper heels all in black. A quick hello and a kiss after which i followed her tiny pert ares up the stairs into the bed room at which point Vicki switched on and wasted no time once again showing off that she's a hungry little whore.

I ran my hand over her arse and she bent over the bed and gave it a wiggle, i stepped behind her and pushed my crotch against her arse and she was grinding away as i took my coat off and slipped her fee into her stocking tops at her request after which i ran my hand up her belly under her top and had a play with her tits before telling her i had a problem.

I wanted to cum on her face but i wanted her to swallow as well, as I'm a one pop guy this is an issue but i had a solution if she was game, which was for her to get a spoon so after i had finished giving her a facial i get scoop it up off her face and feed it to her, Vicki being the sweet girl she is was all to happy to run down stairs and fetch me a spoon!

Some quick DFK and she went to fetch the spoon as i stripped off, once back she put the spoon on the dresser by the door and i picked her up, she instantly wrapped her legs round my waist and i laid her down on the bed and ordered her to fetch a pillow for her self as i kneeled at the beds edge grabbed her by the top of her thighs and dragged her towards me to start with reverse oral, after i bit i got her into doggy with me holding her hands between her legs while giving her a rimming, i must have spent 20mins down there at the start getting her very wet and she was very vocal about enjoying it!

After i had finished i jumped on the bed for a quick BJ but stopped her quickly as i wanted her arse, She quickly slipped a jacket on lubbed me/her up and happily started to ride me reverse cowgirl nice hard and fast, with me thrusting from below and pushing her back and forth till she arched her back and grabbed the back wall for support as she climaxed.

A quick break for me to catch my breath i got her to sit on my face for a few mins before pushing her over onto her back again and swapping the jacket out for a new one to take advantage of her pussy, both legs up over my right should and pushed down to her chest as i was fucking her as fast hard and deep as i could looking at Vicki all the time eyes open watching me and moaning till she climaxed again.

Me being spent after all the hard work put Vicki back to work again with anal cowgirl, still happily going like a little trooper i swear this girl is part bunny rabbit! I started to work again thrusting up into her as hard and fast as i liked without any issues from her till she climaxed again.

Rolled her onto her side and we spent a few mins getting our breath back and just making out with me running my hand all over her body before she asked me to fuck her from behind, she laid down on the bed with her legs together while i swapped the condom again before starting to work on her pussy, started working up to a nice speed before she got me to stop, was shocked at first thinking "shit have i hurt you?" turns out she was worried i was going to break the bed! Well as I'd broken the rhythm anyway i swapped holes, got her to reach back and spread her arse cheeks for me as i went to work fucking her arse again.

This was amazing, she slipped her hand under her and started playing with her pussy and grinding her hips back and forth and side to side as i was fucking her, it felt amazing to the point i was on the edge of climax so was Vicki we continued like this with her telling me she is near to cumming again and to keep at that pace, being the nice guy i am (and because it felt so good.) i did just that till she climaxed at which point i gave her a few rather hard deep thrusts to end with.

Went back to one last quick snack before the end and slowly eat Vicki out to climax with her prompting faster/slower till she reached it, followed by me not letting up on her clit and after a few moans yelps getting my head pushed away from her because her clits far to sensitive!

We ended with Vicki on her knees giving me a nice oily tug and me thinking how great this is gonna be spoon in hand! got right near and took over from Vicki to finish and..... i had the single most week cumshot of my life..... feed her it? I'd be luck if it filled a tea spoon at all!

After a giggle at the amazing ending we both jumped in the shower together for a quick wash, feel up which was very hot and a must do again before parting ways.

All in all a great time, like a lot of guys on her said Vicki does do dirty talk the whole time you are there with her she is very good at it, tho i get the feeling its more of a turnon for her and not so much for our benefit!

27 review(s) found for Diamondintheruff xx linked to in above post (23 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Ipunter

Holy shit that's hot, i might have to give her a go in the new year!


Offline Diehard

Yep, have seen her, she a safe bet for a good ride.

Offline j122

Damn! Thought it'd be hard pressed to find a girl that'd be happy to let you smash her backdoors in a few times during the same meet!

Damn! Thought it'd be hard pressed to find a girl that'd be happy to let you smash her backdoors in a few times during the same meet!

If you find another one let us all know i've been searching and still not..the closest i've found is https://www.adultwork.com/2333024 or https://www.adultwork.com/SaraSeXXXyStar polish, limited english but i understood the phrases, "are you going to fuck my ass yet?", "slowly in but then fuck me hard", and "i love it balls deep in my ass". not sure i put it in her vag the whole punt. not a bad looking girl either. Vicky wins as i understand her and sara has stairs with narrow steps thought i was gonna fall down afterwards, got a bit shaky legged. oh and she had capital on the radio and i found myself going in rhythm to some crap song, probably by shaggy..
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2 review(s) found for Sara SeXXXy Star linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Would you visit Sara again? I'm thinking of visiting. She seems very hot.

Was her English understandable? What was her snatch like? And how far from the city centre is she?

Thanks a lot

Would you visit Sara again? I'm thinking of visiting. She seems very hot.

Was her English understandable? What was her snatch like? And how far from the city centre is she?

Thanks a lot
Her english is ok but if you are after conversation don't waste effort. She is a good looking wg in my opinion. She does take it up the wrong one like a trooper and like I said appears to love it. I didn't get a look at her snatc, I don't often do RO on a girl but it was tight enough I suppose. From city centre you'd probably want a taxi but only a 5min-10min drive, could even get the bus I imagine. discreet just off the main road
would I see her again possibly, she is more expensive than other options and not sure she's any better but if the need arised I would return, her flatmate looked hot too but can't find her on aw but she told be she was working there.

Offline Natwest

I went to see Vicki last week and got to say it was a superb punt. Bit of a way for me to travel otherwise I would see her reasonably regularly. All her services delivered with total enthusiasm and in my top 3 punts of all time (all six months of punting!).

She is filth personified and must have been one of the quickest 90 minutes of my life. Having said that, and including post punt chatting, it was nearer to two hours when I got back to my car.

I booked 90 minutes as I felt it was better value but with OWO,CIM, swallow, anal etc all included in the price you can't go wrong
100% recommended.

I met Vicki again yesterday for a hour incall :) I only had 30mins last time we met as a tester and I have always wanted a hour with her so I took advantage of her £20 off offer. She managed to get 4 pops out of me in the hour so I had a good time  :wacko:  I just wished she lived closer to me as I'd be on her all the time

Offline Captain Caveman

Not to be pedantic but Vicki's in call place is (as she states on AW) in West Bridgford. No-one who knows Nottingham would call that the 'city centre'. It's actually not even in the Nottingham City Council area at all but in the neighbouring county council.

Banning reason: Making racist slur

Offline rnrn636

She managed to get 4 pops out of me in the hour so I had a good time

Wow well done!  :drinks:

I have met her before and although she is good. I just could not take her dirty talk serious. It just made me laugh and it just made me uncomfortable with laughter rather than a turn on! I suppose if you are into dirty chat than she is the best there is but I prefer a bit more of a vanilla time so just found it funny and off putting. :lol:

Offline j122

She managed to get 4 pops out of me in the hour.

Wowzers! My record with ladies I've seen is 4 in 2hrs, nearly a 5th in one. Howd you mange to walk out of there!?!

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