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Author Topic: xxx Josie xxx  (Read 2164 times)

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I have been trying to meet Josie for a while and finally managed today, great comms and really friendly on phone. Got post code straight away, place is between Stanley and Chester le street dead easy to find with plenty of free safe parking.

Paid £50 for a half hour-as I always do on first meet-first impressions were great-just my type , small, red head with huge tits.  Really smart looking lass as well, flat was fine , bedroom immaculate. Gotta say she is up there with the best I have seen, great OWO and DFK, doggy and mish, I had a fantastic time , just wish I could cure my bloody hair trigger. No clock watching, no rush, Josie does a great GFE with a bit of filth thrown in. Def worth an hr appointment next time, can't wait.

4 review(s) found for xxx JOSIE xxx linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Online OscarC

Sounds interesting, might give her a try.

Offline Mike Hunt

Those tits do look big..yet to punt with a nice dangly down tits kindof lass in the NE!..tempted to fuck her but worried she's a bit chubby
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Not chubby at all, great big huge tits and a fantastic arse.

Offline Mike Hunt

Says she's 37...realistic age or not
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Yeah, I must admit to not being the best at getting womens ages but she looked bloody good to me and I certainly didn't think that she was older than that. That being said I think we all take ages with a huge pinch of salt ??

I am def going for a second visit and I never do that so she certainly does it for me. If you like small red heads with huge tits, great face and attitude then I would say go for it. For me the attitude is the most important thing and hers is spot on.


I visited Josie about 3 months ago. Agree with Johns comments about attitude and level of service. One thing to note which is not apparent from the pictures is that she does have a number of tattoos which may be an issue to some.


where abouts is she? between Stanley and chester covers a big area

The point about the tattoos is a fair one, they arent visible on her profile but she does have quite a few, certainly didn't put me off. She is quite close to Beamish museum, don't worry its not the  'No Place ' flat.

Online OscarC

Are they large tattoos, sleeves etc? Or are they more discreet?

They are not really discreet, one arm has quite a few. To be honest once she started OWO she could have been wearing a bishops hat and flippers and I wouldn't have noticed.

Offline mgc2013

Hi john - just out of curiosity....

Who do you rate better busty-blonde-Kirsty or Josie??

Josie is by far the dirtier and seemed to enjoy it more, Kirsty is a great looking lass with amazing tits and I loved my punt with her but she has to many 'wont do's ' I am tempted to see Kirsty again but I will def see Josie again, she is my type of lass physically and has a great attitude, if I had to pick one I would say Josie her attitude is spot on, as an example I told Josie that I had only been deep throated twice in my life, she took that as a personal challenge and really went for it, thats the sort of attitude I love and makes the punt for me. Everyone has their own taste but Josie is a top bird .

I saw her recently and, yes, she is an awesome lady. I didn't get OWO though but that may be because I brought a box of condoms and she probably thought she'd better use 'em!

I'd definitely visit her again as she's genuine and game with a fantastic body.

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