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Author Topic: Lucy-Lane of Middlesbrough  (Read 3793 times)

7 review(s) for Lucy-Lane (4 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I had an amazing meet yesterday with Lucy-Lane. Here are the details, although if you want the short version it was easily the best punt I've ever had an I will definitely be returning:

Adultwork Profile - https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=545683
Her own site - http://www.devilishdesire.co.uk/

Communication: Lucy communicated with me entirely through text messages. Although to me a voice call is worth ten texts or e-mails (I did make a couple of attempts), Lucy does state on her website that she probably won't be around to answer calls since she is usually busy with other sessions, cam sessions or filming and when I messaged her she always responded quickly. We quickly got a session set up for two days later (I booked on the Monday) and she asked me to text her before 10am on the day of the session to confirm then she would give me the postcode.

Location: The location was about as discreet as you could get, but still easily accessible from Middlesbrough Town Centre. I cannot drive so must rely on public transport, so got a taxi from Middlesbrough Bus Station to the address. Upon getting there, I found that the address Lucy works from is within walking distance from Cineworld cinema but nicely located down a backstreet. Lucy operates from an apartment so there's absolutely no worry about people noticing you entering or leaving since its part of a block of flats.

Appearance: Lucy has plenty of photos on Adultwork, her website and her Twitter as well as videos out there of her if you search so I thought I pretty much knew what to expect... well, I was wrong. It didn't seem possible at the time but she was even more gorgeous than what she looked like on my computer. She'd also worn exactly what I requested (although it wasn't much... I'd asked that she only wear a dressing gown as lingerie really doesn't do it for me). I handed over the money straight away - she counted it, but that shouldn't be held against her as she states on her site she always counts and not to take it personally... I really don't get the bias against counting money, since it'd be far too easy for someone to underpay an escort if they didn't. She then led me through to the bedroom where I quickly got undressed and the session started.

The session itself: I only had thirty minutes so wanted to make the most of it. First of all Lucy allowed me to indulge my foot fetish, something she clearly didn't have any problems with. Lucy was fantastic when it came to providing the GFE... we then wrapped our naked bodies up in each other and indulged in some DFK, full tongues. Although I would have been more than content to do that for the whole session I knew what I came for. We then got down to the heavy stuff... Lucy rode me, did a spot of oral then finished me off with an amazing handjob and to be honest I don't think I have EVER come that hard. It was just pure euphoria, and it was clear that Lucy was enjoying the session just as much as I was.

After cleaning up, we then lay on the bed cuddling up to each other kissing and indulging in post-sex talk. Lucy is amazingly friendly and open, and we had a great time. Lucy is not a clockwatcher either, in fact our session overran by 5-10 minutes but she didn't mind. I didn't want to push my luck and decided then to get dressed and I left after we bid each other a friendly goodbye with a promise to meet again as soon as we could.

In brief this punt was simply perfection and its making me smile just thinking of it. Lucy was perfect and gave me an amazing time, and considering her incall rates for £50 per half hour then she's a total bargain given all the average escorts out there who charge just as much for fifteen minutes.

I will definitely visit again, and I suggest anyone who might be thinking of seeing her to do so. You won't be disappointed.

7 review(s) found for Lucy-Lane linked to in above post (4 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline WillyW

You have chosen not to mention her size?

Offline Slaine

You have chosen not to mention her size?

Does her size matter? as you can see using the links.

Yes she's a 'big girl', so what?. Some of my best shags have been with cuddly lasses with big boobs  :kissgirl:  Personally I think she's looks gorgeous and would have no qualms booking her  :cool:

Offline johnny34

Great review thanks.

You have chosen not to mention her size?

Her size puts me off so thanks but no thanks.

You have chosen not to mention her size?

Neither does she, wonder why?

I seem to remember a previous description as being "a large lass".

Offline jjpsweet

I'd love to see her. She is the image of my wife who stopped having sex over 3 years ago

Offline uls99

She used to be a lot slimmer

Don't think id book her now, just not for me.

Offline grey402

Good review, I've seen her before she's a lovely lass never had the chance to see her again as I've never been in the area.

You have chosen not to mention her size?

I didn't think it was really worth mentioning. She has plenty of photos and videos up so people can judge for themselves if she is someone they would want to book, it's not like she's hiding anything.

Offline kingkong

Was about to fuck her a few years ago, didn't really fancy her much, but I was super horny this day. Anyway I arranged a booking then confirmed for the address, but  :scare: she works accross the road from my mates sisters house. Had to decline.

Offline Dino

Seen her few years ago, gave great OWO and didn't clock-watch at all... BUT wouldn't see again cos there was a unpleasant smell 'down there' which put me off.  Room was warm too which made it more over-powering  :vomit:

Real shame cos had it not been for that then I would of probably seen her quite a few times cos she was very pleasant & gave great service.  Plus flat was great, with en-suite bathroom and comfy bed

-I'm assuming that she's usually very fresh & clean and that it was probably just down to been close to time of the month or something.  Never went back to clarify though...
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