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Author Topic: Nikoll (Glasgow)  (Read 1029 times)

Offline Hibernian

Am i being too ridiculous in hoping this lass might be genuine??
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She looks the part, but the sex is awful, hardly looked away from the phone the whole time, forget the listed favs only does half hearted bj while looking at phone, then finish with fuck if you can stay hard, charges more if you ask for something on the list and then still wont give you it, pay for an hr + extras then throw you out after 20mins almost knocking over the next sucker in the close who she queued up like an air traffic controller on her phone while she giving terrible head.  ps doesn't like to be touched.

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Offline Boab

I've seen her a few times now. I'll admit the first time wasn't that good but I stay 5 minutes away from her just down the hill, so the second time was better. She's a sound lassie once you see her again, she'll consider you a regular. That's when it becomes more enjoyable, even let me tap her a fag. I'd say go for it mate. The only negative is she shares the flat with two other girls (Amy and Karyna).

Aye great so once you've shelled out 2-3 hundred quid she'll give you a fag lol, dunno what prozzies you've been visiting boab but the fact she shares a flat with other lassies is hardly the only negative, in fact that isn't even a negative really especially considering the terrible service she provides.....which is the important bit.

Offline Boab

She‘s useful for a quick shag at night when I'm on my way home from work, does the trick for me, usually She'll try the usual patter with prices but she crumbles quite easily when you go to leave. Gift of the gab and being firm are two essentials. But I will deffo agree on her being shite, but then again I prefer her as she is passive which allows me to rattle her, clothes back on and down the road. Not a prossie recommended for quality, just her availability at night times is what I like about her.

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