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Author Topic: Amazing Suzi of Stratford.  (Read 2919 times)

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Amazing Suzi's profile has intrigued me for a while. She looks relatively attractive for a mature lady on the profile pictures and the price is low. There was always a fear that the low price reflected a low service so I put off visiting for a while.

So I rang and I'm fairly positive she answers the phone herself. Her English is decent and a positive demeanour came across when I was asking questions.

I would say that the photos have been doctored a little. Her face is not as fresh looking as the profile pics though that could be down to good make up. Still attractive enough for me. The photos also suggest, to me at least, a slender girl but she's more womanly, probably a size 12. Not large in any sense but certainly not slim. However she was really smiley when we met and gives the impression she wants to look after her customer.

I asked about CIM which she told me on the phone was something she doesn't really do, and this was repeated when I arrived. I paid £30 for 15 minutes, which she was happy to proceed with; not like some other girls who would try to upsell to 30 or 60 minutes.

We started off with kissing which was quite deep and enjoyable. OWO was good, she was happy to lick my balls when I asked and did this all very well. Fingering was allowed, I didn't go down on her but I don't think she would refuse seeing how game she was with everything else. On with the condom and I pounded her from behind. I started slapping her arse which she enjoyed before eventually coming. Quite a satisfying punt overall and great value to fuck an enthusiastic milf. Not sure I would return as there are better younger girls out there, but if I was looking for an older regular on a low budget Suzi would fit the bill perfectly.

Other reasons for not returning? I drive to all my punts and where the apartment is not far from Westfield there is only paid parking available Monday to Saturday up to 6:30pm, so you are ok to park for free from 6:30pm and on a Sunday only. I took a chance with not paying (when I should have) and when I returned to my car a warden was waiting but luckily he didn't give out a ticket! If you are visiting by public transport, I'd say it is a ten minute walk from Westfield but if you don't know the area make sure you are prepared with GPS or a map beforehand as I don't think it is easy to find.

5 review(s) found for Blonde S linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Maddog13

I am thinking of giving her a go for a hour, price is good for 2 pops. Can you tell me how tall is she and are her tits saggy

She's 5' 5" from what I remember. Tits are ok, not too bad considering her age and she has clearly had children. Definitely worth visiting if you are considering her.

Offline Maddog13

I think I will visit, there is something about her it's the milf look.

Do you remember what road she was on?

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