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Author Topic: Miss Cara-May  (Read 3743 times)

Just wanted to put a short message up about this girl, Came across her about a year ago when she was working in leeds, Arrange time date and thought everything was pretty straight forword. But the first thing that got me thinking was that she would only txt and would never talk on the phone. But still that day made my way to leeds from sheffield, got parked and ther on time, Txted her that i was outside and she gave me directions to a place and door numberthat didnt exist, Tried to phone her while i was outside and she wouldnt pick up the phone and would onlytxt, she retxt the directions again to a flat that just wasnt there. After about ten mins of trying to call her she sent me a txt saying that she wasnt going to see me for being to late, Tried to sort it out with her but she didnt even txt. Very mad. Then last week i seen her again on adultwork, so in a different name i made a booking with her for a date we both were free, same again, she would onlt txt and would never pick up the phone, but with her only being a cpl of miles from were i was i thought what the hell nothing to loose. But the night before we were going to meet i seen that her adultwork acount had been taken down saying

The following problem(s) were detected:

Sorry, this profile cannot be accessed at this time. It is most likely that it has been suspended due to suspicion of it's authenticity.

When i contacted her about it, she said she had taken it down herself because of to many emails. At this point i knew that the morning meet wasnt going to happen, but played along anyway. That morning i said that i was about five mins from the address that she gave me  (wasnt realy, still sat in my house drinking tea), no reply with the txt, so i tried to ring, no answer.

Tried about every 15 mins after for about an hour, an guess what still no reply, This is twice now and i find somthing not quite right, anybody had the same fate as me................


Miss Cara May - Sheffield

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She's been reviewed in the Yorkshire section as she's Yorkshire based !!!

Offline scbond

Thing that put me off is she's been offering escort services on AW since she was 16/17.

Offline CoolTiger

Thing that put me off is she's been offering escort services on AW since she was 16/17.

Profile link please??

I've met her a couple of times in sheffield and it was texts only with me. She's been working at house of devine and Sandy's in Manchester Since I then. But it as a bit of a pain to meet her

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Offline scbond

Profile link please??

The profile and any others she made are long gone after I reported her. She verified her first profile at something like 20 years old yet had been a member for around 3/4 years.

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